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  1. can can anyone tell me hot to get in touch with the admin so i can tell him how to and i know this person in rl he is a honest man
  2. no his acount was locked it was called cackle's (Rueagon Vyceratops) was his favorite the only thing he did was have a fight with the dj and the other users got mad at hi, and made false reports to LL he gose by the rules the rules and has since i met him he is a bet opinionated abut things but are we not are
  3. my frinde was banned becuase of false reports about him cackle's (Rueagon Vyceratops) was banned by admin after some people reported him for wrong doing in sl he was rported becuase the were mad at him he got into a fight with the dj at the club he made a pass at the dj he did not know the dj was not in to males as the dj did not list his sex perfance in his profile cackle's (Rueagon Vyceratops) is a nice person he dose not derserve to have this done to him he had a lot of avatars in his account one was birthday present from me we are mates in sl and i have reproted users for for wrong doing and they are still on here so why ban someone who is not doing anything just because the people got mad at him. the reason i am doing this and not him is no one will respond to him his name cackle's (Rueagon Vyceratops)
  4. s frinde of mime named country rose ( juggalodog )has not been on for a few days and he was on like every day. he was a jerk and pissed me at times but he was still my frined and i have reason to belive he might have been banned if so i just want know so dont worry about him like he got hit by car in rl and is brian dead in hospiltl somewhere. can any one tell me if he was banned
  5. i want to start a rp gourp waht do i need to do this do have to be a suscriber also do i need land to do it
  6. Role pregnacy test any good ones for 20 l
  7. use my avatars to make images for a gamecan i do this as i make games as a hoby i don't make them for money there are free games would i have to contact the makers of my avatars and the items to ask if it was ok it is hard to find images to use for some prjects
  8. was banned from an adult sand box for being a furry they said i was promoting bestiality i was there playing with my tardis is this aginst rules of second life another player told me it was
  9. what is the chepest price of land i can buy
  10. can i use my tardis as my home was going to buy one as i am a whovven
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