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  1. hi umm... it could be the head sometimes the younger looking heads are not accepted in adult in furry or adult sims but he does have right as owner to boot people maybe perhaps just wear a different head when your in adult sims ?? idk ... but he has every right to boot just because you think something "cute" doesn't mean it looks adult i wear things that look childish on baby-girl sims but i will not wear it to sex sims and adult like sims in fact those heads are very commonly used at the baby girl/daddy dom sim i go to but i do find they have a childish appearance i just do'nt use my babygirl stuff when im at clubs or more adult sims ... and may i add just because someone say thier a certain age on their sl profile doesn't mean its their real age ive had many many people say their 20 or 28 when their acaly underage i rant about this a lot because ik how it is you half to be careful about it explicitly when your land/club owner you can easily get shut down by a certain amount of reports or if someone looks underage
  2. Hi their I'm a 24 female that plays a furry shemale on sl cuz I'm hella alot more comfortable with it I've danced before I have emote skills I can brush up in them a bit thoe I'm very a bubbly and fun person I'm mature and postive up lifting person I'm very talkive to I'm seeking a LGBTQ friendly place any suggestions also furry friendly to
  3. Hello I am new to the creating world I'm a learning artist I'll try to explain the best I can so in secondlife i use a edited skin i found but I'm not finding a kemono mod I need for my furry I've tried to research it on Google but it only gave me advanced tutorials on how to custom mod kemono I'd like to make and upload my own mod I'd like to make it myself is there any beginner tutorials out there step-by-step if so links? I like to use blender ❤😁
  4. hi their im a begginer soft dom irl/sl im looking for a datign sim to find my self a pet ive tried pet adption center and no luck i condiser myself a dady dom plz help a fellow sler out <3 im 24 so adult sims only
  5. 😄hi so im looking for dady dom who is open to irl /sl if you have any suggestions where to go tell me about me: im 23 but act a bit younger i have bit disbilty so dont mind the spelling im very fresh outa of a relationship im very cuddly down to earth bratty but sweet i love to tease and play i love kawaii and anime would love to have irl and sl im from north west British Columbia Canadian i live in small town i love to voice chat mostly my sl me : is flirty sexy and loves to dance naughty or nice i love my cuddles to id love to get to know some one first them see from thier after all i still have some healing and would like to get to know you for you plz if your took irl or took already dont bother but i am open to polly plz IM alexarosey in world
  6. are you still looking cuz intrested
  7. so ellow their i'm 22 im looking for someone 20-34 in age any older plz leave now im also looking for sl and rl plz dont be took irl or sl im dont with playing games and sl is not just game to me its me but in virtrail world okay about irl me : im 22 Sagittariuses im white i love blue im from a small town n/w called terrace in Canada on on sl time zone im stay at home artist i love to pass the time by watching anime im stay at home artist im genderfluid so i do have short hair irl and wear guy clothes and some times girl clothes depends on my mood i struggle a bit with my moods but i do try my best so dont judge im pansexual im very old fashioned person i believe in natural healing and im beginner Wicca personality: loving, caring ,a good listener ,otaku ,love kids and animals outgoing cutsy and very nerdy ,dorky l hobbies : singing song writing story i also edit pictures love to take them my art is my main passion and clothes deziging my secondlife me : i love to voice find it easier then typing i more of the hey i wear what i want on secondlife i want a fmaily of my own one day yet to discover more love to dance to what id like in parenter : good personalty voices and someone to be me around someone really down to earth someone who loves to voice as much as i do and has stuff in common if interested comment or add me (alexarosey)
  8. hi maybe if we got to know each other first feel free to IM me also id fill out your prfile and get a pic lol
  9. ellow im alex aka alexarosey id like to find a seocdlife partner id like to get to know you of corse i find my self always being solo every where id like to take the time to get to know some one a little bit about me :im 21 from canada im an artist im learning to cook and dance i like to feel sexy and cute i also do photography to i edit my own pictures i also write poems and write songs poems to
  10. ˜”*°•.˜”*°• Hi I'm Alexa aka Alex would love to get to know you Feel free to im in secondlife About me : single looking for the right guy /girl Im bubbly love photography art music singing and I write to love cuddles to inbox a im a good listener want more come and get to know me :)! •°*”˜.•°*”˜
  11. Find me if you want I'm pan so I'm lgbtq ?️‍? friendly and I love to make people laugh
  12. ellow I'm alex as you should know lol I'm seeking someone who is serouse about this first off I'm in open online relationship with my Hun Kenny aka my senapii me and him met on Instagram he's not on sl yet ok so what I'm looking for is someone who would like to be my second bf /gf or mate plz only if your serouse I'd like to get to know you first we can start off as friends a little bit about me I'm 21 I'm an artist love anime I'm really into my art love photography and I'm bubbly if you want me comment we can Im or add me name up their
  13. I'm genderfluid ik the feeling I say just do it I've done it b4 but lost the file due to hacking but inbrace who you are
  14. we could hang out to if you'd like lol feel free to add me
  15. If you ever need anyone to talk to drop me a message I struggled with two types of eating disorders
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