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  1. One of my helicopters is now showing a script warning, error, debug message, at every sim crossing flying the plane.

    I have to click off each one of the message pop-up, at sim crossing flying. 

    Is there a debug section to stop this from happening?

    To know something is "amiss", there's planes hanging in the "air" to be concerned about the stability of the viewer.  



  2. 15 hours ago, Rolig Loon said:

    Try not flying into those regions.   If they are offline, you will have trouble getting in.  If they are acting oddly, you may crash.

    This reminds me of the old slapstick routine.

    Doctor: "Well, then, what seems to be your problem?"

    Patient:  "My arm hurts when I do this ....  [waves arm wildly].  I don't know what to do."

    Doctor:  "Don't do that."    ral61 quote: Hopefully the world map can "see better" for navigation between sims.


    15 hours ago, Rolig Loon said:

    Try not flying into those regions.   If they are offline, you will have trouble getting in.  If they are acting oddly, you may crash.

    This reminds me of the old slapstick routine.

    Doctor: "Well, then, what seems to be your problem?"

    Patient:  "My arm hurts when I do this ....  [waves arm wildly].  I don't know what to do."

    Doctor:  "Don't do that."


  3. 14 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

    First, don't use the Mini Map.  Its range is too limited, especially if you are flying a fast jet like that F-4.  Use the World Map.

    I also suggest you get the Ban Line HUD.  It depicts areas with ban lines, Void areas, and parcels that are too full to allow your plane to enter.

    My luck---Now I have to use the world map for navigation between sims.

  4. My last "logout" was at about 12:30 AM PST-4/21/20.  My "failed login" was at  1:45 PM PST-4/21/20.

    Is there solutions to the all-of-sudden failures to login? 

    Is there work, & health issues with the problem?

    Can a VPN subscription be the ultimate solution to the login failures?

    Login failures has happen before, but always got back on track. 


    Login Failed    4-21-20.PNG

  5. 20 hours ago, Rolig Loon said:

    Yes. You are not actually linking anything, which is likely to be impossible anyway since there's a good chance that many of the things in the house are no-mod. All you are doing is temporarily treating them as a coalesced object.

    I suggest setting the options in your editor's Build menu to "Select by Surround" and "Select My Objects Only".  Then set your camera to look down on the house from a high angle and select the entire thing by dragging a rectangle around it while you have your editor open (CTRL + 3).  If you accidentally select some stuff outside the house, just try again until you get a clean selection. Then keep you editor open and gently drag the entire selection with the editor's red/green/blue arrows.  

    If you have never tried this before, practice first with some dummy objects. It's a gutsy operation, so it takes patience and good nerves, but it does work. Just be careful not to UNselect your objects until they are where you want them to end up. Selecting them again without picking up extra stuff could be tricky.

    Thanks for the tip operation. I only need to move the house side ways "5 edit-clicks", or do the shift manually all over the house.

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  6. Now that I know that Second life has did a (code change) for viewers, some of my vehicle objects had to be updated to continue use.

    Is there a way to correct a (script warning/error/debug) message?  or do I just contact the creator of the vehicle about updating the product. The item in question is a HUD I use with a Hud map, that use coordinates for (targeting) objects on land & water, by mouse tapping the Hud map via the SL-grid & viewer.

    Air Wolf-Hud Error.PNG

  7. As I was driving my speedboat with the mini map screen on, I see "green" arrow heads on the map.

    I notice these object are under water when the boat passes over them, and there's nothing on top of the water seen, when the boat is driving.

    Any hint as to what these objects are, on the mini map?  I almost thought I was driving at something "invisible" on the water sim.

    Green Arrow heads on the Mini map.PNG

  8. Just when you arrive at a destination & have a beer to sit (5) minutes, the return trip to the starting location goes crash.

    Is it the SL-Grid going "stale" with weak connection or foul play?

    Logging off when you are disconnected from the object-(boat or plane), happens so many times, to reload the travel plan.

    At Chill Club-   TRIUMPHAL.PNG

  9. Before I make adjustments to some of my flight plans, it will be helpful to know if most security orbs have a meter or feet range to fly over.

    Some of my flights can just barely pass over a security orb, without "triggering" the send home or ejection from land.

    Some flight plans might as well be called "invalid", when the plane can't make it to the next airport.




    H160 Landing at Free Flights Club.PNG

  10. While in-flight with a jet, plane or helicopter; I experience a crash effect with vehicle to see it repair itself in-flight, in time to complete to route & land at the airport.

    Is the the complexity setting attempting to crash to whole flight, with approaching the airport scripts?

    Should passengers with pilots lower the complexity level while in-flight, to avoid grid crashes while flying?


    Mirage 2000-Night Flight Landing with GPS.PNG

    Flight Completed with GPS Transponder #1.PNG

    Flight Completed with GPS Transponder #3.PNG

    GTFO-Delivery-  LJ-45xr-2-11-19.PNG

  11. Some might find this funny, but keeping installed parts in a plane, such as parts to a tail number modkit is rediculous.

    Every time I install the parts & try to use a drop in script for registering the plane, the plane will just leave the parts behind,as the plane is taken back into inventory.

    The instructions to "link" parts to the aircraft, using a drop in script is not working. Unless the plane at (physical) is causing the non-link, to keep parts with a plane.

    Answers to this will be welcomed.

    Tail Number Modkit-2 Instructions.PNG

    SA-Tail Number Modkit.PNG

    Tail Number Modkit.PNG

    Airworth certificate & data plate-in plane.PNG

    Drop-in Script-in plane, for Registration.PNG

  12. Thanks for knowing what I saw at "edit" with my boat dock. I recently turned it around to the side of the land, instead of out in the water where the parcel border is at.

    My boat also had to be turned to the side of the land, just inside the parcel border. I now have to test any misbehaving by the boat, starting today---smiles*.

    SL-Ban line, at Current 3.PNG

  13. The problem most times, is having my speed boat with complex scripts that dramatic appearance on water, to come ashore & start malfunctioning to stop engine.

    Sometimes at  boat engine startup the malfunctioning to keep the boat in-place, starts tossing around the camera angle.

    Then there's the ban line at the (island) parcel, that might cause further disruption with the boat trying to park precise in-place & engine stop don 't work.

    Maybe the meter limit from shore overall, is causing the disruptions & malfunctioning, who know's ?

    The uploaded screenshot uncovering the ban line, at (edit) from the boat dock, might paint a picture to what's happening--who knows ?

    I already had to re-shift my parking the boat with dock.

    SL-Ban line, at Current 3.PNG

  14. On 5/2/2018 at 9:50 PM, Lindal Kidd said:

    That looks like the Shergood Aviation GPS.  You should contact the creator if you have questions about a specific item.

    I eventually found out from video tutorial, that "waypoints" are created by the GPS HUD, after putting the flight plan together. 

    I couldn't do it first with the GPS HUD, but saw how the SA-ATC Radar "automatically" put some waypoints with the saved route plans.

  15. I started using a GPS Transponder, to test the accuracy of the flight plan without using a compass.

    Some flights make good landings, without reporting a NOTAMS about security orb hazards, to send you home.

    Other flights "catch it", this means the security orb caught the plane in-the-act, to start over. Luckily my backup plan is to start using "beacons" over (water), to steer away from orbs & complete the flight. Question 2: Can waypoints be created over water, as leverage for the GPS Transponder to flight plan around the security orbs?

    Airstrip + GPS & Compass.PNG

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