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  1. I rarely post in the forum, but I'm curious about this. For over a year now, when I go to the memorial gardens, the scripts are stuck on the flower setter. I wish they would fix this. I don't mean to be crass, but I think LL is benefitting from more membership during this pandemic, while many in here have lost loved ones. The ability to designate a flower with someone's name on it, helps the hurt. The candles that you send off into the sea work very well, but it would be nice to see the flowers working again. That's all. Thank you. P.S. I would pay for a f
  2. Crow's Nest R&B is looking for experienced blues only DJs. We're also looking for experienced hosts. This is a new club in SL, genre is blues only. 100% tips. DJs contact Kiera Lupindo Hosts contact Diane Macbain The club is located here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bonaire15/75/116/22
  3. Hi SOLD Just one parcel for sale - mine. 1024 with protected water access. 351 prims 9999 L$ 1024 is the new premium members land size. So yeah.. this would be for premium accounts. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Warbluster/37/227/22
  4. Hi I need some help..... I'm not a creator. I have a couple of programs I use to texture things, one is paint shop pro, the other is gimp.... I won't run pirated programs and I can't afford Photo Shop. My avi is maitreya and ..... pregnant. I have a job in SL and can't really wear most of the stuff in MP for pregnant avis... most of it is far too revealing. I need a semi professional look. There's some things on MP that are great for 'later'. I found a dress on MP full perm that I figure will get me through most of the first two trimesters. But the shado
  5. I can't figure out how to delete this. Sorry.
  6. DREAM SEEKER ESTATES *Region Pricing: 30000 prims 17099 L$ 20000 prims 14999 L$ 5000 prims (HS) 7399 L$ Full Estate Rights - 8 EMs Contact: doobie322, cella core, or diane macbain New Rentals only - does not apply to current clients or moves.
  7. Does your RP community have trouble finding someone to process your license and license plate requests? You're not alone. Many communities get backlogged with this particular govt office. Solution: Mill Creek DMV Outsourcing. This office will serve multiple communities licensing requirements All we need is your community logo. Come and check us out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mill Creek/69/215/22
  8. Homesteads Up to 8 Estate Managers Homestead regions 65536 m2 5000 Prims L$7699 per week Homestead Parcels 1/4 homesteads 16384 m2 1250 Prims L$1828 per week No premium account needed and we provide sim restart capabilities for our parcel tenants! All of our listings can be found online at www.dreamseekerestates.com ( give it a moment to load) Contact Ru (Diane.Macbain) Established in 2007, Dream Seeker Estates is one of the leading estate dealers in Second Life. We offer competitive prices and a dedicated and pr
  9. Dream Seeker Estates No Premium Account Needed! Sales Agent: Ru (diane.macbain) Stand Alone Regions: Homestead region: 5000 prims - L$ 7699 Full region: 20000 prims - L$ 15499 Full region: 30000 prims - L$ 17799 One time free theme application to your stand alone region! Choose from our wide assortment of pre-built themes. Up to 8 Estate Managers allowed. Don't need a full region? We have a huge assortment of available land! No premium account needed and we provide sim restart capabilities for our parcel tenants! All of
  10. Hi there... I am helping a friend process and application and we have some questions.... is there anyone in SL who is up on the new system in Canada? Please contact me. Thank you
  11. Tala Mountain Farm [G&S] Our website Peace, serenity and natural beauty Is what you will find at Tala Mountain Farm. If you're looking to catch and cook [G&S], our waters are open to all & cookers are placed. We have free well water and a new market waiting for you to rent. Adult sim with a diverse old world / Gorean theme where all are welcome including families with children. RP & OOC Come on over to Tala Mountain Farm and enjoy! Blacksmith & Butcher on site. Workers speak english, greek, german & portuguese. We wish you well Master A
  12. Hello Losttoday, there are a lot of them actually, use search ... we have a [g&s] farm that you're welcome to come hang out at, it's a combination of old world and Gorean. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Poconos/52/190/22
  13. Hi there; I am so intrigued by this machinima... and SL videography in general. I am looking to learn, from the ground up. Is there anywhere that I can do this? Are there instructors out there? Ru
  14. Wow! I am going through this forum because I want to start learning to make machinima. I stumbled onto your work and I am absolutely amazed at the quality and level of creativity that must have gone into this video. This was beautifully done and I hope you are very proud of it. Who ever you are, you have a brilliant and extremely talented creative mind. This really was awesome. Thanks for making it. I am inspired
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