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  1. Hi there... I am helping a friend process and application and we have some questions.... is there anyone in SL who is up on the new system in Canada? Please contact me. Thank you
  2. Tala Mountain Farm [G&S]

    Tala Mountain Farm [G&S] Our website Peace, serenity and natural beauty Is what you will find at Tala Mountain Farm. If you're looking to catch and cook [G&S], our waters are open to all & cookers are placed. We have free well water and a new market waiting for you to rent. Adult sim with a diverse old world / Gorean theme where all are welcome including families with children. RP & OOC Come on over to Tala Mountain Farm and enjoy! Blacksmith & Butcher on site. Workers speak english, greek, german & portuguese. We wish you well Master Adahy & 1st girl, Ru Teleport to Tala Mountain Farm
  3. Any good medieval RP sims for a beginner?

    Hello Losttoday, there are a lot of them actually, use search ... we have a [g&s] farm that you're welcome to come hang out at, it's a combination of old world and Gorean. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Poconos/52/190/22
  4. Machinima school in SL?

    Hi there; I am so intrigued by this machinima... and SL videography in general. I am looking to learn, from the ground up. Is there anywhere that I can do this? Are there instructors out there? Ru
  5. I don't make machinima often but...

    Wow! I am going through this forum because I want to start learning to make machinima. I stumbled onto your work and I am absolutely amazed at the quality and level of creativity that must have gone into this video. This was beautifully done and I hope you are very proud of it. Who ever you are, you have a brilliant and extremely talented creative mind. This really was awesome. Thanks for making it. I am inspired
  6. Rather than log in multiple avatars on your viewer, there are text based viewers out there that don't use much pc resources. I am not sure of the names of them or if they are even legal to use .... so you might want to investigate that... Google is your friend!
  7. Thursdays, 6 - 7 PM SLT - IGGY MASAKI - LIVE AT FISHERMANS MILL (in Canadian Owned & Operated) Hailing from Georgia, Iggy's love for music began when he was an iddy bitty baby and started watching Austin City Limits. He didn't know at that time, that the music was in his blood, as his maternal family line stems off the Martin family, of "Martin Guitars" fame. Iggy started singing at church when he was 6 years old and spent his teens singin' under the peach trees..... later in the corn fields... then on to the still... mhm... we'll shorten this bio to... "he's singin' now in Second Life and lovin' every minute of it!" Come out and have a listen to this smooth and true, golden country voice. Here's a sample! Iggy singing Hello Darlin' Teleport here: TP to Canadian Owned & Operated - Fishermans Mill 
  8. Canadian Owned & Operated / Onyx Leather Fashions / Fishermans Mill / Dream a Little Dream A beautiful sim for you to explore and enjoy. Regular events! Check the calendar at Fishermans. Yes, we ARE Canadian. Stardust Shores Sim Click to teleport 
  9. Hi there, High Rollers MC is a sim that caters to bikers and biker families in Second Life. It is a moderate rated sim that is a kid friendly environment. We have shop space for rent and we're looking for exclusive merchants to open up on our sim. Our daily traffic stats are usually anywhere from 3900 to 9000. Our shops start at $L300 per week for 150 prims. We require merchants to have good quality, low lag vendors. Group access is 'as required' to rez. Estate managers online pretty much 24/7 . We're looking for : 1) High end - photography shop 2) Gatcha Resale Shop 3) Inventions - gadgets 4) Ladies wear store - no leather wear, we have an exclusive leather designer on sim. 5) Mens wear store - no leather wear, we have an exclusive leather designer on sim. Maybe you sell something that is not listed here, we're open to considering almost anything. Be advised, We do NOT allow adult content on this sim. If you are interested, contact Ru Macbain ( diane.macbain) in Second Life. Stop by High Rollers MC to have a look at our sim and the shops area. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/High%20Rollers%20MC/79/95/23
  10.  HIGH ROLLERS MC A biker sim where families with kids are welcome. Regular events, bike shops, car shops, clothing shops, games, 7 seas fishing with customs, camp site, multi level timed sky track, bowling, paintball, bumper cars natural surroundings, everyone is welcome. Shops for rent! Shopping C&P Motor Sports - motorcycle shop, custom builds, Crow Dartmouth is a reputable bike builder in Second Life who has built many award winning bikes. Onyx Leather Fashions - The highest end biker leather in Second Life. At least that's our opinion and with her leathers constantly showing on the first page of MP, apparently we're not the only ones who think so. Crow's Wacky Rides - Crow's more kookie creations, toilet trike, shoe bike, come check it out! 180 Designs - Skillet - builds cars and bikes, Delilah's Custom Parts - MissHayashi - Blender custom bike parts fabricator. Amanda's Custom Bikes - thorlof.brezoianu - Custom builds. Monkeybeanz Kids Emporium - Monkeybeanz - Kids bikes, Toddleedoo baby clothes, kids toys ** Avatars must be a minimum of 60 days old to be on our sim. The people who hang out at High Rollers MC are a fun bunch who have boisterous personalities. The people are from all walks of life, all areas of the globe and while some are real life bikers, some are not. Having said that, be advised that on occasion, language can get colorful. If you're easily offended by that sort of thing, it might not be the place for you. Granted, we welcome biker families and kid avatars are appreciated, we operate with the understanding and belief that the person logged in as the child avatar is an adult in real life and while we do our best to protect and defend child avis, we expect the adult behind the avatar to be capable of handling the theme of the sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/High%20Rollers%20MC/79/95/23
  11. Where is the Scifi/Cyber rp sims? :o

    The Firestorm team holds an active Scifi RP sim... or more than one, I'm not sure. If you contact Teresa Firelight in world she will be able to help you.
  12. SL Drug Enforcement Agency - is hiring

    SL DEA  SL Drug Enforcement Agency is currently hiring!! If you are interested in joining a fast paced role-playing environment with possibilities for growth for your character, SL DEA may be looking for you. These positions could potentially expand into other RP communities and environments. Please come by our office at 201 Goober Street on the Cape York sim in Cumberland City to pick up your application in our lobby. Send completed application to in-world resident DaphneLagos Resident. All selected applicants will be interviewed, need to pass a background check, and all other applicable field tests. DM Posting for Special Agent Abbot (Segue007 Abbot)
  13.  Struggling with stress? Anxiety? Anger? Gesarian Klaar is a Personal Consultant and Life Coach, as well as a certified buddhist teacher. The classes in Second Life are designed to be a cost effective alternative to individual therapy, coaching, or consultation. This discussion and talk is an introduction to our methods. They are all free. Topics: Feb 16: Stress Feb 23: Anxiety & Social Anxieties Mar 1: Anger and being critical 6:00 PM SLT Discussion 6:30 PM SLT Talk: Clarity and Insight in your life 6:45 PM SLT Questions & Answers (well, no guarantee there will be answers, but you can ask whatever you like.) The discussion is in text chat. The talk will be offered in voice chat. You need to be able to hear voice. Questions can be in text. Google Calendar for Clarity and Insight http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rigel/118/47/27 Classes ( which are not free, but will be far more affordable than r/l ) will begin in March.
  14. Newspaper Editor Wanted

  15. WE'VE EXPANDED TO 19 SIMS!  Latest additions include Cape York, Liberty City, Huntington Valley, Taenga Bay & Simply Darling SIMS WE BRING EXCELLENCE TO THE RESIDENTIAL EXPERIENCE. Welcome to Cumberland City, a virtual community in Second Life. Along I-95 in Maine, we are a virtual community consisting of ttwo separately owned towns. The City of Cumberland, is an 18 sim community that houses government services such as the District Court, Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Children & Family downtown at the Capital Building. You will find the County General Hospital located in Cumberland as well. Fire Department, Police Department, DEA, Motorcycle Club, Churches, Day Care, Children's Homeless Shelter There are several local businesses ranging from food stores and restaurants to pubs, tatoo shops, clothing stores, lawyers offices, spa and beauty parlour, dental practice and a Community Newspaper. Auto dealers gas stations and gatcha resellers, Ladies wear and menswear! It's growing daily! Home of "CHR" the Classic Rock Radio station, with the best djs spinning 24/7 from tailormaderadio.com There are jobs available in most areas and postings can be seen in the help wanted section of the community newspaper. Estate time is in sync with EST. Come for a visit and see what we see, a wonderful virtual community to raise a family and be involved in!  More information available at our community website Also connected is Cypress Creek in the North. With a more rural atmosphere and 'country' theme with residential and commercial zoning.