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  1. gorean

    Tala Mountain Farm [G&S] Our website Peace, serenity and natural beauty Is what you will find at Tala Mountain Farm. If you're looking to catch and cook [G&S], our waters are open to all & cookers are placed. We have free well water and a new market waiting for you to rent. Adult sim with a diverse old world / Gorean theme where all are welcome including families with children. RP & OOC Come on over to Tala Mountain Farm and enjoy! Blacksmith & Butcher on site. Workers speak english, greek, german & portuguese. We wish you well Master Adahy & 1st girl, Ru Teleport to Tala Mountain Farm
  2. Hello Losttoday, there are a lot of them actually, use search ... we have a [g&s] farm that you're welcome to come hang out at, it's a combination of old world and Gorean. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Poconos/52/190/22
  3. Wow! I am going through this forum because I want to start learning to make machinima. I stumbled onto your work and I am absolutely amazed at the quality and level of creativity that must have gone into this video. This was beautifully done and I hope you are very proud of it. Who ever you are, you have a brilliant and extremely talented creative mind. This really was awesome. Thanks for making it. I am inspired
  4. Rather than log in multiple avatars on your viewer, there are text based viewers out there that don't use much pc resources. I am not sure of the names of them or if they are even legal to use .... so you might want to investigate that... Google is your friend!
  5. The Firestorm team holds an active Scifi RP sim... or more than one, I'm not sure. If you contact Teresa Firelight in world she will be able to help you.
  6. :matte-motes-wink:
  7. Cumberland is growing rapidly. You might want to check it out https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/Cumberland-City-Family-and-Community-Role-Play/td-p/2990439
  8. Three New Full Regions Added!
  9. Thank you! Although, it's not 'my' city I just live here!
  10. Still looking for staff... * bump*
  11. A new name to add to the list of names..... Riley Lerintzo. Same mo.
  12. lol! That's so kind of you haha I should do that. lol! Thanks for the giggle. If you look up a couple of posts before yours, you'll see a very interesting explanation from Chris Kayor.
  13. Well interestingly enough, yesterday I was in a weapons store on mainland and went out of the store to the rezz area to test a shield. A Brenden entered and left the sim. I got spooked and tp'd home. Within 5 minutes of being home, a Natalia entered and left my parcel. They've never been on my actual parcel to the best of my knowledge. They come and go so fast, nothing can touch them. I've never seen them so I don't even know if they're in avatar form. doo doo doo doooooo lol
  14. There are too many to list. It's in the 100s. They all start with Brenden or Natalia. I've had two brendans on the sim I live on in the past 24 hours. Different last names. And I only notice them come and go while I'm online. I have no other way to monitor ( sim wide ) as I only rent a parcel. They tp in and out in the same moment on the time stamp and someone I spoke to from another sim where they're coming in says they're coming in at high elevations.