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  1. It really is a great idea. A photo, or a description, makes people not interested in that particular type stop squeezing f5 and give a chance to those who really want it! At least that's what I think.
  2. As I suspected it would be, I just left the pc to launch. It became routine, haha
  3. Does anyone have any idea which region will be released today? I still keep the dream of many, a trad with sea view ...
  4. People, I haven't updated the linden homes page in a while ... Can you tell me what that means? Is it just me or is it for everyone?
  5. I've been here since early! I just wanted to understand how these finger ninjas are getting ... I feel like a tortoise no matter how fast I try!
  6. I just know that I would greatly like all GRAYSON to be blown up.
  7. It certainly helped a lot of people, not just me. Thank you!
  8. Taking advantage of the opportunity ... could anyone link to the automatic page extension?😍
  9. I just think some mole or linden should say: it is not now ... at least it ended this collective anxiety!
  10. I do not know if it's my impression, but I had not seen those areas without houses there ... are they doing more?
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