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  1. I have 1 mainland parcel for sale. 8192 sqm | 2812 prims | access to LL waters Teleport Asking price is the same as i bough it for. 10.000 $L
  2. You never know i have found land on good places for as low as 512 L.
  3. Its funny to see how many of the land sellers have their own illusion on what a protected waterfront is, i would assume that is when your land / sim meet Linden water or has no sim infront of it. But recently i noticed some announce that their sim / parcel has a protected waterfront when the view is into the next sim or in extreme cases a huge wall in other sim. And to top all these misinformation they set a price that would be normal to pay for all of the above if their parcel really had it, no wonder so much land is being abandoned where land owners set fantasy prices just because some parcels get sold in a high price range. When i buy and sell land on mainland i always calculate that some times its better to sell with a tiny loss than be forced to abandon, just because of people expect to much for their land. People should be more realistic and then they would have more luck selling their land, as of now its more like a lottery.
  4. For that price i would have expected access to Blake Sea or similar open sea, but with access to only 1 water sim that parcel is not worth more than 3 - 4k. Good luck anyways.
  5. After spending hours on search and marketplace with limited of results i will try ask in here, is there any official list over all the designers and skin creators who are making these appliers? It would been much easier than spend half day on mp looking thru it all, appreciate all serious answers. A.W.
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