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  1. Is there a way to fix this or do I just leave it as is? It hasn't ever been an issue before.
  2. Because we stopped all animations and aos to show the difference in position. Better our screens. I looked fine on hers and in alignment, but on mine I looked turned to the right.
  3. It is dance huds I use. But that isn't the issue it is just my position. It looks right on someone else's screen but not mine.
  4. I will have to try the reinstall thing. Ever though I just installed it again 2 weeks ago. We had all aos and huds off when we took the pictures.
  5. The first is her screen and second is mine. Taken at the same time and no one wiggled or moved at all. And it isn't lag either. It has something to do with my avi's position on my screen. I have know idea how to fix it. It is an ongoing problem.
  6. It isn't a sync issue. It is an Avi orientation thing. Basically on her screen were look like we are lined up (our avi's are faced and angled the same not moving. The sync is fine) but on my I am turned the wrong way. Then when I fix it on her screen I turn wrong. The animations are prefect. It is our avi's placement that is wrong.
  7. So I club a lot in second life and my friend screen shared with me that our avi's were lined up perfectly. Save ...... On mine we were out of alignment. I am turned a different way than she it and if either of us move to correct it on the óthers computer we are out of alignment. What is causing this and how do I fix it?
  8. I bought some lindens and they are showing in world, but when I go to the market place they aren't showing up. Why?
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