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  1. I have had this today too. I've been away from second life for ages. Here is a rough and dirty reply as I've not had time to thoroughly check it out. I have Firestorm viewer as my standard. I upgraded both Firestorm and the default Second Life Viewer. I found that the default viewer started fine, however Firestorm had the error you found. I have Razer Central to launch all my games including Firestorm BUT NOT the default Second Life viewer. When I launch Firestorm NOT using the Razer launcher, it starts up fine. As I said, I haven't fully checked it out so maybe the next time I start Windows (I'm using 8.1) it won't work again. Interestingly too, even though I can log into Second Life on Firestorm when I get the error, I cannot move much and it's VERY laggy. Without the error it's fine with no lag. Hope this is of some help.
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