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  1. I'll be on from 12:30pm SL to 8/9pm SL. If I'm not online I probably crashed while I was doing something afk.
  2. I should add we live a normal family community in York Harbour and will likely being getting a vacation home this summer. Not everything we roleplay is fantasy. We have done historical roleplays as well as completely realistic roleplays. We aren't always role-playing; I would say 75 percent of the time we are. The reason we aren't doing this through an adoption agency because we are looking for people that are specifically interested in roleplay in a particular community. Please be aware age range is very flexible.
  3. Hi, I'm Morgan. I'm your pretty much typical 11 year old nearly 12 year old girl, well not counting the fact I attended Hogwarts that is. I currently live with my mum, dad, two little sisters and a little brother. My oldest younger sibling is three turning four and my youngest two are twins that are four months old. My mum is a witch like me, but my dad is a muggle who sometimes has to travel a lot for work. But even though we are both witches I'm actually adopted. I don't know a whole lot about my real family, I really try not to think about it because it doesn't do me any good. I don't know if any of my younger siblings will be able to do magic too, but I imagine so. I have several possible backstories for a sibling role(s): 1) A new foster sibling(s)or adopted sibling(s) 2) Unknown biological sibling(s) 3) A godchild(ren) to my parent(s) that they have custody of Age ranges: Anywhere from 11 to 14 or 8-10 Gender: No preference Single Child: That's totally fine Multiples: Would make it a little more fun but it doesn't really matter (siblings of different ages) Other Important Things: I would like someone who would like to roleplay at Hogwarts with me and has some experience with roleplay as the place I roleplay at is a para-rp. OOC Notes: Please note that I play my mother and younger sister. The twins are also Funsies so if your not comfortable with prim kids you know now. Please contact morgannatravers or amberrosekettle in world. I may cap so feel free to send an IM and/or notecard to one or both accounts
  4. I have just started to roleplay at the Charmed sim that just opened. I'm looking for several people to play several different roles. I have a slight background included for each character. Samatha is a young witch that doesn't have good control of her abilties, but I can use them. It just gets out of hand. She is quick on her feet and has plenty of street smarts. She hates being in a classroom with set rules. She likes to do things at her pace, on her time and in her way. She is sarcastic and can be a pain in the ass when she wants to be. She's twevle, what did you expect? Female Roles: Young Witch Female (Insert Name): A young girl between age 5-10 that Sam saved that attached herself to her. She lives in the small apartment that Sam was able to rent since the landlord just simply doesn't care. Her power deal with fire. Female Ghost (Insert name): This is the ghost of decease mother that was killed by a demon. She appears when Sam summons her. She is the person who tells her where to find the famiyl Book of Shadows. Female Police Officer (Inser name): An decetive that is highly suspicous of how Sam always ends up near a crime scene and she never sees her in school. Female Friends (Insert Names) 3 Positions: They have been friends since before Sam's parents were killed and she was adopted. They all come from different backgrounds. Age 10-14 Male Roles: Young Witch Male (Insert Name): A young boy that saved Sam from being drowned by a water demon. They go their seperate ways and run into each other again. This time she saves him from a demon by throwing a potion. There are sevearl incidents where they play this game of saving each other without really talking to each other. They eventally become friends and stays in the apartment that Sam rented, due to a landlord that just didn't ask questions. Age 10-14. Male Social Worker: An social worker that helped her get adopted into her current family but can't seem to keep her in a school. He tries his best to help Sam but she's an handful. He has been her social worker since she was five-years-old. He placed her in a lot of families before he finally found one that worked. A Baker: He owns an bakery bellow Samantha and her frends. He doesn't say anything to police of social services about her staying there alone a lot. he often leaves dinner rolls for the kids. He's actually a male witch that ends up teaching the kids about magic. Male Ghost: Samantha's father that was killed by a demon when she was five. He only shows up if she summons him. He is the one who helped her idenity the demon that killed him and his wife. He also keeps the police from discover her hideout.
  5. I can imagine so. I know that's why most of them closed. Its not easy to do. That's why I said it would never appen.
  6. A lot of Harry Potter fans have been disapointed as many of the different Hogwarts sims have closed. But as the fans are getting older the marketing plan can be matured as well. There is a whole world outside of Hogwarts in hte Harry Potter world. There is an vaste amount of stuff people could do. From working at St. Mungo's, the Ministry, Diagon Alley jobs/shop, orginal business/services, and even indepeant jobs such as dragonlogist, and similar jobs. Of course there is the money thing. Such a sim could have magical communities like the ones in the books, like housing I mean, base them off of Godric's Hallow, Ottery St Catchpole, and orginal communties too. Just a few ideas. I don't really have the money or know how to make this happen. Want to add ideas feel free to add.
  7. Hello. I am intrested but is your daughter an avatar or a zoobie/funsies/ect. Also you can either message me on the form on in world. I'd love to talk.
  8. I am looking for a little girl or boy to join my family. I roleplay historical roleplays from the Victorian to the 1940s so I am looking for a child that would enjoy that type of roleplay as well. I will consider twins/siblings i they don't mind sharing a room. I do have two Funsies children but they pretty much stay at the house. You can find me in world as morgannatravers resident or comment on here.
  9. I am looking into the intrest in different styles of schools. I am debating in the near future putting together an school. I want to know what all you parents and children out there think. I currently right now homeschool my daughter because I realzied how limited options in schools there are. So here the styles/types I've come up with. Please comment on the thread. Grammer School: English stylePreporty SchoolPrivate SchoolMontessoriHomeschool AllianceReligous
  10. More jobs added and asterisk next to most wanted emyloees .
  11. All jos are volunteer right now but as we bring in more money things will change. I'd really like to acutally pay people soon a possible. I really do appricate the help. I do have incentives for now to keep you all intrested. Please be patient. Current Employment Oppounrites: *Deputy Headmaster/Headmistress *Caregivers-all ages Volunteers *Mentor-part time/internship Voluntter Manger Groundskeeper *Secretary- Day and Night *Social Worker *Case Manager *Reaserach Team *Advertising Supervisor *Event Planner Nurse- Day and Night *Counselors *Conflict Resolution Mediator Please contact morgannatravers resident for more infromation. I will do an interview and decide as quickly as possible. I do ask you come in kid friendly attire. This is an orphange not a club.
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