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  1. Thanks much! I found it at this location just now I had tried an area search last night, to see if it had gone into the air again, but I must have missed it in the list of items returned by the search last night.
  2. I've been out there to the snowball park bridge twice this evening, and the gift box was not on the bridge either time.
  3. Wear the Tweenster HUD that came in the folder with the Tweenster body items. Click on the "alpha cuts" icon, and then either just click on the shoulder area slices, or use the button that says "all arms" which will alpha out all of both arms.
  4. I have "adult" unchecked, being a child avie, but it didn't take me too long after doing that to be able to recognize when a TP didn't complete due to it being an "A" rated parcel. Hopefully avies that have been here long enough to have started with week 1 of the hunt have had enough experience to be able to recognize and remedy that issue. Figuring that the location for the hunt would be a public (linden owned) location, and that except for one time, the gift crystal was always in sight from the landing point, I changed my access preferences, TP'd in, quickly clicked and accepted the
  5. There is some maintenance being done on the Second Life Cashier system right at this time. However, if you did not get far enough in the process to have the cashier screen display that message, then look at the questions that Rolig asked in her response to you.
  6. KammyKat, if you haven't already, try asking in the "TWEENSTER - Meshmerized" group inworld. That's usually a responsive group, and I know I've seen mention of mesh heads used on Tweensters in the group chat from time to time.
  7. It took me quite awhile when I first started to realize that different creators were all using some of the same templates. I noticed it first in the medieval/fantasy dress line, because that's what I was around most initially. I really noticed it recently, with clothes for the Tweenster body and the Tonic body. It doesn't bother me. In fact, with the Tweenster girl clothing, it's interesting to see note of something new released as a template by one of the full-perm template creators, then go around to all the stores seeing how the various creators have used it. I have quite a few girl cl
  8. My auntie (primary account) is never home when I am, and she lets me wander the grid by myself. Fortunately, we have been able to evade being reported to Child Protection Services so far.
  9. I play as a child inworld, generally as a 5 year old, but sometimes as an older child around 9 or so. When I play as an older child I generally wear the Tweenster body, which I really like a lot.
  10. Phone support is only available for billing related issues. Unless you are a premium member and can use Live Chat, other support requests are made through the Support ticket system (see https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/ ) For billing support (from Billing - Second Life ) Contacting Linden Lab billing support If you have a non-technical issue related to billing concerns, you can call the Linden Lab billing team at the following toll-free numbers: US/Canada: 800-294-1067 France: 0805-101-490 Germany: 800-724-4552 Spain: 90-083-9074 UK: 800-086-9081 Brazil: 800-878-3076 Long di
  11. You probably want to remove your email and the phone number from your posting... this is a resident-to-resident help forum about how SL works, not a LL customer support area. I'm a little confused about your question... are you saying that you are trying to log into the SL viewer and are being asked for a phone number? or are you trying to create a support ticket and being asked for a phone number? I would suggest looking at where you are trying to log in and make sure you are on a valid site, not a phising site. What type of problem are you having with logging in? If you can provide
  12. First, this is a resident-to-resident help area, where residents answer other residents questions about how Second Life works, so there wouldn't be anyone answering here who would have the type of information you are asking about. Second, I'm fairly certain that Linden Lab would not provide any information about if or why an avatar was banned to anyone other than the avatar in question. I was under the impression (but could be wrong) that Linden Lab sends an email when someone is banned. Is your friend still using the same email account that they have listed in their account information her
  13. Wow! I'm glad I decided to stop in here tonight. First, I appreciated the response made by LL on the immigration executive order. Second, thanks to Callum and Rya for the additional information regarding the other side of the story on Australia and the refugee situation - that helps fill out the bigger picture for me.
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