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  1. That looks like the default system hair inside the "brow" or "bald" base (also known as "eyebrows" shape or something similar to that). In the inventory, it's the item with the icon that is a side profile of a head. You can search in inventory for "bald" to see if you can find other ones to try - there are quite a few in the system avatar section of the library, and they also often come in folders with mesh heads. You can also edit it when it's being worn, if it's modifiable - find the one that you are wearing in the inventory list, right click on it and select "edit". Once the
  2. Generally, things like the charge to have the parcel appear in Search. This message probably refers to whether or not the group has enough tier donated to it to cover the size of the parcel. Those donations are done on the Group -> Land/Assets tab.
  3. The group itself doesn't pay the monthly land tier - it is the account(s) that donate tier to the group which are charged monthly tier, and their monthly charge is the total of the individual account's land holdings, including tier they have donated to groups. An account may parcel(s) that they own individually, and the account may also have tier donated to one for more land groups - their monthly charge is the tier level for the total of tier they use and/or donate.
  4. For a private estate, with a landscaped parcel, that sounds normal to me. Often that is mentioned in the covenant. When purchasing from an estate, always be sure to read through the covenant first, to make sure that you will be OK with any terms and conditions by the estate about what you can or cannot do with the parcel. I also take a look at the About Land and check the LI figures there. If I saw a sizable amount of LI already being used, and the covenant did not mention whether or not that counted against MY available LI, I would ask the Estate manager for clarification before compl
  5. It could be that people who read the forums and take photographs are more focused on taking pictures of their avatar or of their homes, and so post in the picture threads in sub-forums more related to avatars or homes. Others, I assume, find Flickr to be a better showcase.
  6. I've seen this response several times on various work wanted posts. Just curious as to what types of jobs Mermaid Retreat has available, and is there a SLURL for it and/or a website where people could find out more information about the location/venue?
  7. Has the person very recently changed their name? If so, it might take a little bit before the name change is available throughout the entire system. That's the only think I can think of that might cause an temporary issue.
  8. It looks like they have in-world group (NOT FOUND store) - perhaps join the group and ask there or check notices there? It looks like it's a free group.
  9. The security orb is in the life preserver where you change the type of houseboat - it's one of the options on the menu there.
  10. Mainland is also for people who want to rent directly from Linden Lab, paying monthly tier payments direct to LL rather than having to pay a rental box in-world or divulge a PayPal name to an SL landlord (for those estates which allow monthly payments via PayPal). 'Wanting neighbors' also doesn't automatically translate to mean no security orbs or no ban lines.
  11. The harp I have is from Port Royal Designs. It comes with 2 classical pieces that can be played. I think I got it a Ren. Faire booth the first summer I was here, back in 2014, but it also is on MP (with a link to see it inworld as well).. It is a higher LI than the one recommended above, but I do like all the detail on the one I have, and it holds up well even with a moderate LOD setting. I would check both out and see which one suits your needs best
  12. I moved my office area downstairs so I had room for this library (and I bet I'm not the only one ) you can never have too many books or bookcases... (Thanks @Peony Swee*****er for creating these wonderful bookshelves.)
  13. I was a little unsure about all the dark wall color options at first in the Victorians, but after I played around with them and different furnishings for awhile, they grew on me.
  14. After abandoning my original trailer several weeks ago because I just couldn't get it decorated in a way I liked, I decided to give it another try and after several days of trying to get another one, I lucked out and got one in a location I really like. I went a different direction with the décor this time, and everything came together much better. It's not a magazine spread décor - I've never been able to put together that type of look either RL or SL, but it's a comfortable, relaxed feel décor.
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