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  1. Tonic Fine, only. I have been glad to see the number of creators selling clothes for Tonic has increased the last six months or so, and I can even find non-skimpy clothes now.
  2. MoondustMaia


    It was given away full-perm. If there were not any terms and conditions included with it, I don't see how a DMCA could be filed. They didn't steal or copy it. If no terms, then nothing to say not allowed to sell it.
  3. I was just there and collected the gift without any problem. I'm not sure what you mean by a "cover over the portal in the portal park". The portal which has the gift box outside of it is not where you first land, but is at the coordinates shown on the link you posted - you have to walk around to find it, and then you should see the box on the right side of the stairs leading into that portal (and it is not the SL15B portal, just in case that is where you were looking).
  4. It should be in the Inventory Library, in the Textures -> Terrain Textures
  5. I've tried out most of the different linden homes, and my favorite one, which I'm using again, is the shire's hearth style of the fantasy themed homes. I didn't like the criss-crossed wood strips that are originally on all the walls, so I recovered the walls with a very thin overlay using one of the other linden home patio textures.
  6. I don't rent very often, but I think that in most of the situations, even if it was closed group (but common for the whole rental community) I have not been allowed to return items belonging to the group. I do recall at a rental not too long ago, there was something left in the house from a prior tenant, and I had to contact the rental manager and wait for it to be removed. It had not occurred to me to think that I should be able to return group items when there is a common rental group. If there were a lot of prior tenant items remaining on an available rental, I would probably look for another spot, wondering if the prior tenant and the land owner had some type of other arrangement or waiting period going on.
  7. I would suggest checking with the estate manager for your sim. I would doubt that there would be a general answer for this question for adult sims in general, as adult sims have varying policies around child avatars to begin with.
  8. planted grass in Moira's courtyard along with putting in the walkways
  9. I'm not a big shopper and there are a lot of events I don't go to. I tend to shop in spurts, either clothes/shoes/hair or houses/furnishings/landscaping items. Overall though, I probably spend slightly more on clothing than on housing/furnishings.
  10. Taking a little break for coffee to warm up with while out window shopping at Flux Sur Mer. I would have worn my boots if I had known it wasn't going to be sunny out here
  11. I recently moved into the Elven Treehouse style Linden Home. I had always skipped this design in the past, because I was never quite sure what to do with it, but I decided to take up the challenge this time. As it's inside a tree trunk, I went for an outside/inside rustic look, and I'm very satisfied with the way that it came out.
  12. Once in a while I've noticed this occurring when I've returned to a session where I had been gone long enough to go into "away" status and my avatar had sat down. When I move the mouse my avatar has stood up and ran in place for a few seconds. When that happens, I usually tap an arrow key, and the avatar stops running - I don't know if clicking the arrow key is what stops it, or if it's just the timing.
  13. I would suggest seeing if there is an in-world group for those avi's, and if so, joining it and asking in the group about clothing availability.
  14. I wear mesh hair, Slink hands and feet, often wear mesh clothes, but hadn't felt the need to get a mesh body. I'm pretty satisfied with the skin that I have, and don't hang out at places where I wouldn't be wearing any clothes, so that eliminated some of the reasons I'd heard for getting a mesh body. I also have some non-mesh clothes that I still like to wear at times, as well. Several weeks ago I decided to get a petite sized avatar... for when I'm feeling fae ... and now I have a petite sized mesh body, with a bento head and bento hands. So, I've dipped my toe into the water, so to speak. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to look for a mesh body for when I'm more normal sized or not yet. I haven't felt pressured yet, or felt any need in terms of not being able to find clothing or accessories for my system body. When I do buy mesh clothes that come with mesh body specific versions as well as the standard sizes, I do keep all of them - I just stick them in an 'extras' folder for the item, so if I do choose to move to a mesh body, I'll already have clothes that I'll be able to wear (I think, anyway)
  15. ,You would need to make sure you have enough available in your tier level. He would (on the group profile) go to the land tab and remove his tier donation. You would go to the land tab and increase your tier donation. If he drops his first, there will be a message that tier donations need to be increased - this should be OK as long as you are going in right away and increasing your donation. Or you could increase your donation amount first, then he could remove his second.
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