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  1. Your PayPal account needs to be a verified PayPal account, which is something that you need to do on the PayPal site before using it as a payment method in SL.
  2. I am somewhat patiently waiting for a chance to get one of the campers. I'm kind of glad that there isn't constant hype about them here. I'd just like it to remain low-key until after their initial release so that I might have a better chance of getting one.
  3. Wow, I missed the poll, LOL. It wasn't open for very long. Anyway, if I had been able to vote, I would have voted for the camper/trailers. I am eagerly awaiting for their release (and hoping I will be able to get one when they are released).
  4. The problem I see with something like a lottery or a sign-up list is that we would need one for each theme of homes. I do not want a traditional home, nor do I want a house boat. I think there are also going to be at least 3 other themes coming in the future. However, if there is only one lottery or one sign-up list, how would I indicate I don't want a traditional home or a houseboat? I think it would be a waste of time if I wasn't on a list or in a lottery group for a specific theme. I may want a camper, but after reading various threads here, I've pretty much decided to just wait for awhile - to see what other themes may be coming out in the future and to wait until a time where everyone is not using auto-refresh and houses are available for longer than a few minutes when they are released. In the big picture, getting a new LH right this minute is not that important. I've survived for over 5 years in SL without having one of the new ones :) I think I can last another six months or even a year. I'm fairly certain the new homes will still be around, and I'm expecting that there will be even more wonderful themes to choose from at that point in the future. I gave up my old LH last April, in preparation for the new homes, but I'm currently using my housing perk on a mainland parcel, so I'm still making use of the premium land perk. Good luck to those that are playing the refresh game, but it makes no sense to me to put myself into that kind of stressful situation for a virtual home. I'd rather be spending time inworld relaxing and enjoying my time online.
  5. I agree that especially now in the beginning of the community, care is taken to address concerns personally (and politely) before just sending of an AR. An AR should be more of a last ditch effort if all other communication about the issue failed. At least, that is how I see it, and how I would want to be treated if someone thought something I had done was not in theme.
  6. Even this past week, as I've been on the 'get your home' page a lot, the Meadowbrook Grayson style has been out of availability about half the time.
  7. You were a step closer than I've been this week - I haven't even had one show up yet. I know I should just be patient and wait for the new release, but whenever I read in here that someone 'just got one', I think well, maybe I'll get lucky too, lol!
  8. You still could, I suppose - there is a name of someone to contact regarding joining the group in the group description, if I remember correctly. As long as they are timely with responding...
  9. Bellisseria Citizens is open, but Bellisseria Community still does not have "anyone can join" checked, so not open at this time.
  10. For me, the care and time that they are putting into the public areas and the buffer areas makes the wait for more homes worth the wait. I would gladly have this with the wait, rather than thousands of homes plopped down quickly just so that everyone gets one immediately (and I'm still waiting to get a new home here).
  11. You can put your house flat, and then build a prim platform to feel in the empty air space. You can then texture the prim platform to look like a house foundation or a wall, put some shrubbery or flowers in front of it to soften the look.
  12. I'm not sure how you are using the term "region" here, but I'm pretty sure that the next batch of homes will still be the same continent - Bellisseria - and I also think most of the next batch will be houseboat homes. Personally, I don't understand worries about alts, or why alt accounts should be limited in getting a home (or why some people just view alts negatively to begin with). From what I understand, they will be releasing in phases until everyone who wants a new style home has been able to get one, so we just need to patient and enjoy the other premium perks and stipend in the mean time.
  13. You don't have to read all these threads if you're not interested in the discussion part. You can "follow" and also watch the blog feed on either your account dashboard main page, or on the LL viewer splash page. I'm still waiting to get a home also. I actually think it would be worse if they did announce a time and date they were being released - it would be even more of a rush.
  14. See https://status.secondlifegrid.net/
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