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  1. What can/do you offer, what do you expect ? Who are you and what are your interests ? Groupmembership of $spoil me rotten, Needs a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Daddy Required give me the first impression that i would be in for some payment ?
  2. There is no average height in my opinion. There are only compatible avies/people or not compatible ones. The settings, be it roleplay, personal preference or whatever, are just to different as that you can make it right for everyone. We chose, we do not judge.
  3. This here is a former thread and should be very helpfull https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/How-to-roleplay/td-p/1525973
  4. It is only pixels. It's just some prims (often very annoying talking ones) and much more important, each of those Docs has a right to enjoy their SL as they wish. You need to get over yourself. Could just have popped it out and faded birth to black.
  5. Cougars & Cucks Club or Monte Carlo Elite Club are a good adress.Bossy women are not so rare in the rest of SL :smileylol: but i think its hard to find a fitting female partner for a cuckolding relationship. I am on the other end as i am what you call the Bull and i would love it to actually find a couple, husband and wife, who are really in a relationship, and if its only in roleplay.
  6. BRAND NEW Far off the road you find our very secluded ♉ BLACK STABLE ♉. It was refurbished for the reason to have a hideout ... a place known to insiders, established by word-of-mouth advertisement. Single Women and Couples come to visit here to spice up their life with black & white Bulls. It looks probably a bit messy as the Stable is indeed a Stable but once you entered the Main Club, you might be pleasingly surprised as it is very erotic inside. We are not only about Hot Wife, Bull and Cuckold and want to generate a sexy place and hangout for everyone who loves erotic, sexual play and roleplay. The Areal is free to visit but to enter the Main Stable, you must be a Group Member (25 :$ shouldn't be to much). Our small dance club, rape shack and the pens are for free. The Bus stops here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/District%20Blue/137/98/1677 Take care where you walk ! It's a bit muddy.
  7. You had 5 years time to make you looking good, how much more time do you need ? Anyway, i am curious if the try works .. wishlists reversed.
  8. Why the anger? I am trying to tell you that you would make a great dom. Nooooooooo ! Don't suggest that to her/him. Sheboi has clearly anger issues and the last thing a sub needs is dominants stomping their feet. BDSM in SL is already bad enough.
  9. The Black Breeding Barn needs Vets and Grooms to be able to handle new aquired cattle. We are a fun and kinky place but would like to offer more for the ones who want more immersion at our dairy farm. Our BBB offers breeding without inhibitions for the ones who we call our Animals and the ones who want to use them. Pregnancy is our goal and with it everything related. VETS: We have a nice clinic to offer for vets and do not expect anyone to RP/work solely at the Barn. You would be welcome to establish your own clinic if available for us when needed. It would be great if you would be willing to roleplay doing modifications. GROOMS: Our grooms (male or female) should keep an overview and be a helping hand to choose the right cow or bull for a performance .. leading the bull to the cow and taking care that breeding is done daily. Private Owners are welcome to stall their slaves in as a punishment or special experience. You find us here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/District%20Blue/164/90/1725 For contact and questions please IM Harm Foehammer or Mark Flannery.
  10. Be welcome to explore the beast in your angle. Far off the road and you took the wrong turn or .. maybe they just got you and you ended at their Barn, to prepare you for your new purpose ... to breed. Roleplay and Sex without Limits (except child/age play), what else can you ask for. YOU decide how far you will go. Will you give it all up ? Will you only have a hot scene ? Do you want to own your own HuCow or HuBull or does your slave need a lesson and you want to rent her/him temporary to a Breeding Barn ? Possibilities are endless. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/District%20Blue/144/116/1724 We need some dedicated people who want to take charge Grooms Vets (we use Mama Allpa) Overseer and also HuCows and HuBulls who want to be available for the incoming stream of visitors. We offer a brand new isolated barn for all your fantasies breeding fantasies. Our Rules are simple: ============== 1. No Child Avies/No Age Play .. never ever 2. No Griefing 3. No Weapons 4. Respect fellow players 5. Do NOT disturb ongoing scenes and roleplay 6. Do NOT misuse Mama Allpa 7. Put your beast back in a stall when you have done. 8. Be an Adult in OOC ... you choosed to enter by your free will after all. 9. Who is naked is available for breeding purposes 10. Who is dressed is always superior, no matter of gender. Group Membership (10 L$) is not required to enter, but most of our kinky stuff is set to group, so it is up to you to decide. Please contact Harm Foehammer for all your questions and please, send a Notecard as i am crashing a lot and your IMs would be lost.
  11. STUDS is once again OPEN and i am seeking for a Manager to help me running the Club. -Plan events -Post notices through groups -List Events on SL Events Site -Help Customers & Staff -Help with the Hiring Process - Dancer Set Up (Schedules) etc. -Weekly Pay Plus Tips Included Any questions please Contact Harm Foehammer or Mark Flannery in world or via the Forum. STUDS is a seductive erotic strip club on 2 floors for Voyeurs and Gourmets. We are open 24/7 and our Stripper are Male AND Female .. we are geared for Women and Men equally. If you are unsure if the guy at the pole is gay or bi, do not assume but ask in IM. Located on a beautiful build in SL, we cater to both genders to meet, dance, relax ... a watering hole for the famous and infamous and of course like any bar with bedrooms there are tales of naughtiness and excess. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calabria/137/225/23
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