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  1. It worked! It worked! Thank you so much (: I had to redo the entire scene, but at least it's importing correctly now. Guess something was wrong with my dae file.
  2. Ah that could be because I use a FBX converter to get my .dae files. Otherwise my material IDs don't go through correctly. Yeesh... the problem with 3ds max never seem to end. I guess I should invest some time in learning to use Blender OBJ download FBX Download And I re-exported the .dae as the original collada instead of converting it, so here's that as well. DAE Download As Drongle mentioned, I'm not seeing the ghost duplicates either What a mystery.
  3. Welp, no luck. I deleted the extra planes, went through and cleaned up all the extra faces, but still stuck. D They will upload correctly alone, but when added to the base mesh (which uploads correctly by ITSELF), I still get sticky LoDs. Could this be because the extra strands are faces copied from the base mesh? This is how I've always made my hair. Select row of faces>Copy>Duplicate the new strand>Flip normals. I've never had a problem before, I'm not sure what's different this time to give me such hell. here's an example of what I mean ^  I tested it by taking away each chunk of hair at a time until there was only one piece of the base remaining. The second that last peace was tossed away, the planes worked fine on their own. But when I re-added it, stuck once again.   tried with a different piece.
  4. Thank you so much! I'll give this a try Though I do need the duplicated faces, if they're causing the issue maybe I can work around it.
  5. Will this work? Download Paste I deleted all but a few faces. Still persistant.
  6. I think it's safe to say it's got something to do with the shading like you mentioned. I toyed with it a bit, and it worked momentarily. I'm a 3dS Max user though :smileysad: no .blend LoD works fine when I removed the planes. I remade about 2 of them and re-added them to the mesh (no way they were over 100 triangles each) exported to SL, and I'm having the issue again. This time, just medium and low. SLM is disabled. I've cleared it, restarted client. Guess it's time to mess around with smoothing until I find a solution :\ 
  7. Yes it does SORRY! I confused myself because the finished mesh was 60,000 but after removing mass of the mesh to test it out, it was only 6,000 and still gave me the same issue.
  8. Thank you! I'll look into this. I was having trouble finding any relative threads about this issue. Google wasn't helpful at all, hence why I made my own
  9. Thank you, I will probably disable it to avoid future problems anyhoo
  10. I'm aware that typically uploading something with ridiculously high polycount will give errors like this, but that's not the case. The mesh I was trying to upload was not that high in poly-count compared to others I've had no issue with. I tested by removing planes until only a couple were remaining, (in other words, a much much lower triangle count) and it still snagged during upload. I tried the reset button, but it didn't help. I've cleared cache, ect. I'll try to optimize and keep my meshes below 60k but I don't think this problem is related to poly count. I tried an old mesh file that I had laying around--something with a much larger tri-count and it worked just fine.
  11. I'm meshing hair, nothing complicated, but for some reason I'm unable to change the LoD in the uploader. I can change the triangle limit, but it doesn't change the triangle or vertices count, like I wanted. They're all at their own set limit, and I don't want to upload a mesh with such demanding detail—or pay the price for it. For some reason it only happens when I add flat planes. I'm not sure what to make of it, but even uploading the planes alone and ditching the base mesh, I still get this issue. I've never had a problem uploading flat plane meshes before.  As you can see, the triangles are all stuck at 60978. It's not the viewer because I've tried with other meshes, and I've tried without the planes and it works fine. I've even tried taking away the planes one by one to see if one in specific may have been causing the issue, but that didn't get me anywhere either.
  12. Bewitched will be a modern witch-themed store for mesh hair and accessories. We have just debued our first mesh hair, and we are looking for models with an extensive wardrobe and fashion taste fit for a witch! You can follow any style from gothic to lolita, as long as your outfits work for the general theme. Mesh heads are appreciated, but not necessary. Models will receive a free fatpack of the hair they've modeled, and a 10% collaberator distribution for each hair sold under your photo. If interested, please message BonitaBunny Resident in world or here with a link to a portfiolio or blog where I can view your fashionista talents, and decide if you're a right fit for Bewitched :)
  13. Also keep in mind that many people are switching to mesh bodies. You can not use legacy clothing with these bodies. You must use mesh, or appliers. However, mesh clothing fits on mesh bodies much nicer, I find. I have a maitreya body and I hardly ever have to use the alpha hud with my favorite designers. So that said, it's safe to assume creators are contouring their designs moreso for mesh bodies than the original SL avatar.
  14. I think this is more of an issue withe client than anything.. this tends to happen when I try to import heavy hair meshes. What I usually try is a clean reset on the rigging. What is it exactly that you're trying to import?
  15. " I've looked through the marketplace, but I can't find what I need, and I have no clue and no interest in learning how to script" I have already gone through every page under "texture huds". There's nothing within my budget. The majority of huds are for changing hue. Maybe I'll just toss out all of my hard work on textures, and use a hue-picker.. variety is nice anyways. :smileysad:
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