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  1. Any help on how to change style of Victorian..there was a black looking mailbox out front ..I clicked on it and it showed a menu of styles but now it is gone and i didn't get to use it...
  2. I just accepted a Victorian and accepted but it said try another theme? It was sold out...I was able to name and agree and accept... and didn't get it
  3. I abandoned my houseboat but when I click on get your home now on my dashboard it is showing i still own the houseboat...any help is appreciated on what to do now..
  4. Sorry ...and how do I search for them? I'm new to searching the Linden Homes
  5. TY Little..I assume the houseboats are hard to acquire?
  6. Is there a LM that I can see Houseboat property on site?
  7. Is there any way I can look at the Campwich lodge or Houseboat property on site..just got premium and new to how this works..ty for any help
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