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  1. Thank you... a truly rational voice in the room. To you, I will try to explain exactly what I was thinking, imagining. As I purchased, tried on and used - I found various ones doing the same but packing it away because simply put not many YET have anything Mesh or Bento generated. I thought it would be nice for those who HAVE JUMPED IN to have some place to go to be in the midst of those who could actually SEE your hands, Head, expressions - instead of eyeballs, gums and teeth, and deformed hands. So that those who invested could wear the Bento viewer enhanced body parts and actually be seen. Nothing exclusive about it. Anyone who paid the money of course would want to use it. And many of the clubs with great numbers attending have NOT downloaded and upgraded yet - because they simply don't want to. THAT is their right. So... their viewers are not BENTO viewers............YET........... and they are not in a HURRY to upgrade to it. Some have said, they WON'T - they are still using other viewers - NOT - FS or SL - but Singularity and other 3rd party viewers that aren't upgraded. Frankly speaking they shouldn't have to - it's THEIR game! They should play it as they feel. My point was... for those who are into it, would have a place to go, where they would be SEEN and could discuss it - etc. et.c etc. - no where was a thought, gesture or idea EVER crossed my mind about Exclusive, elitist, or any such snobbery - in fact I HATE and DESPISE anyone of that type... I am so totally pissed to be accused of it. I thank you TARI Landar - for fully understanding... thank you, before I read your post, I was flabber-gasted by what I read from those I replied to. It appears there are those in a battle with their own personal self-esteem to have come to that KIND of conclusion when no such thing was mentioned. Done... *Hugs* Tari - again... thank you!
  2. You're sad... not only sad... but WRONG and sad... that was the furthest thing from my mind... in fact, no room in my mind for such a contemplation.
  3. Boy did most ALL OF YOU miss the point by a looooooooooooooooooooooong yard! There isn't a snobbish bone in my body and the club was NOT to be exclusive. I never knew there were so many narrow minded folks in here to jump in and poo-poo the idea. I won't go any further with explaining my reason for the post. I'll drop it here. WOW... unreal some of your pedantic and UGLY comment... snobbish? Exclusivity? Really? Seriously? WOW... where are you people from that you would jump to such a WRONG and left field conclusion? Nevermind, I do not want to know... end of discussion as far as I'm concerned. Wow...
  4. You must be in an exclusive group I don't know about. Because MANY are not... oh well...
  5. :womantongue:Okay, having invested so heavily in just about eveything for BENTO - Mesh bodies, LeLutka Bento Mesh Head, Mesh Hands by Vista - AO and all... it's a shame that there isn't a CLUB for all those who have done the same. We need a club where all those WEARING their BENTO AVI bodies and hands can go and ALL THERE can see ALL OF YOU... especially considering how many in SL still using the old viewers so they see deformed hands, and eyeballs and teeth and a brain or two, hahahaha.... Is something like this in the works or should I just invest in such a club? Who's talking this? I hope someone is! A club with Dj's - for all kinds of music - ballroom and otherwise... dinner party settings, a place to sit and play greedy - and the bar hang out life and trivia... sure hope I get a reply telling me there already is one. I shall be waiting... :matte-motes-big-grin:
  6. Same exact message! I've had to use curtains and blinds at all the windows which is eating up my usable prims! I don't like that. I don't even stay there because I don't decorate with so little prims as it is. What is the fix for this... please?
  7. I just installed the most recent SL viewer. I prefer it. BUT - every time I use it, I'm a cloud. I keep uninstalling it hoping that it will work - NOT! Ugh! I have no problem with Firestorm... but I prefer to SL viewer, but I'm coming in as a CLOUD and I take everything OFF trying to figure it out. Still on the Pose stand, a cloud that is naked! Help me figure out the SL viewer please... it's version...
  8. Thank you so much you guys for your feedback replies. I do believe the standard computer is going to catch hell in SL... and mine has a high-end graphics card. WHICH it appears I'm going to have to upgrade once again. I have a NVidia GeForce GTX 760 2gb cache... and boy do I hear my fans werring away trying to cool it down. Guess it's time to by the 900+ series now... *sigh* Cheers!
  9. Okay, I'm going crazy. I'm on the verge of needing a break from SL with all the SCRIPT issues - I go into Frank's and such places that have a script counter because of "LAG" - we have such bad LAG because everyone is getting Mesh bodie's and Mesh Heads with scripts.  So... now due to LAG and Jelly Dolls and high script counts I am determined to strip my girl / avi of what is no longer in use. I have Catwa eyes, but yet I notice that my Egozy.Eyes are still in her head somewhere. HOW do I get rid of all these things? Notice I've selected them to TAKE OFF or DETACH - but problem is... there is no way that I know of. There are others as well in her bode that needs to go. HELP - I'm in the BATTLE of the LAG - High Script WAR!
  10. I cannot find my RECEIVED Folder anywhere! It is gone! I have searched everywhere and tried everything! No where to be found. It was FILLED with TONS of content, gifts from others and items I'd purchased. Please help!!!
  11. The best thing to do is hit up the support group chat with your problem so they can help you look into what might be going wrong and where. Where might that be?
  12. "Also, what is your LOD set on? The default is 2. You may need to raise it to 4" ??? Uh, heehee, not a clue of what you just asked? Elaborate in Lamen's terms pretty please?
  13. Okay... graphics card, GeForce GTX 760 GPU BOOST 2.0 2GB GDDRG - fully updated System: Windows 10 - 64bit CPU: AMD FX 6100 Six-Core Processor MEMORY: 16.00 GB RAM Fully updated on all drivers. Cable connection ISP speed 120 mb upload -(No Firewall block) Question, what do you mean, SL has all open what it needs?
  14. I just posted about this very thing surrounding MESH - UGH!
  15. I sooo have to get this out of my system! First Positives: I enjoy SL so much, it gets me through work days, it's helped me over RL tough spots and depression, yes - it's all good there. Positives on the MESH... they look sooo much better than the ordinary SL default bodies, no matter what kind of Avatar characters you might buy - the MESH is stunning! Yaaaay! Negatives: UGGGH! Having moved to MESH bodies, and my sometimes partner in SL as well. I have the Slink body, he has the new TMP body that is in beta right now. We both have installed on our computers, Firestorm and SL viewer. He's gone so far as to try Alchemy, and I have an extra Singularity. Problem... it is irritating MADNESS that either [ I ] or HE has to restart our systems over and over sometimes because the MESH bodies are missing parts at some point during the day -OR- right off the bat. We jump around from SL, FS, and the extra viewers TRYING to get it where ALL OF US is showing in each of our viewers. It's crazy, we're like back and forth to each other, "Am I all there?" Or he's telling me, "Babe, I see your heart, you chest is missing." Or I'm telling him, "Uhhh, you got no body, legs, or neck!" COME ON!!! Is this a Mesh issue? Is it a Viewer issue? It is NOT a computer issue, because we both have high spec computers and graphic cards. NVidia GeForce with 2gb ram on mine, and the same on his. WHAT can we do, other than give up the MESH bodies until the viewers or MESH is corrected? It's sooo irritating. Sometimes I just say the heck with it and come out of SL because it's gettin'g on my nerves so bad. Not to mention all the money / lindens we've paid for MESH.
  16. Hello SL vendors, I am very interest in a Mesh BODY... not the head or face. I actually - finally have my Avatar LOOK exactly as I want her. But I keep hearing that the Mesh body is so much better. So, first.. WHY is the Mesh body so much better? I want to make sure of everything before I buy. I'm looking over the Slink Mesh body... but I don't want to spend until I know what to expect. My skin texture is perfect as well - would I be able to match the Mesh body with my head and face texture as well? :womanwink:
  17. I own a tiny little lot - and I pulled out a new purchase from my inventory and the spot I went to put it on, gave me a bogus message that the landowner - - well, the above. Where does the content go? I can't find it anywhere?
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