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  1. Our Sim is in the Miscellaneous section of the Destination Guides, but the post is over two years old. Though we love it being in there we remodel the sim three times a year, how can I easily change the picture and landing point? Thank you for any information anyone may have.
  2. We would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone who needs a home in sl. Jubei's Ace Place is primarily home to Master Jubei and his girl Nehli (who is often on her alt named jinx). Our home is open to all, we don't charge anyone to live here, though we can't allow you all to have your own house (as much as we would like to) we are able to allow you to set your home landing point. We are also able to allow you to rez boxes, and build smaller items, and we have no return time. We have only one rule... please remove your items before you leave the sim, this saves Nehli having to send them bac
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