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  1. Ahhhh hello forum!! ♡

    I'm so sorry if I'm about to ask an obvious noob question but I'm a bit stumped. Maybe I'm missing obvious things without knowing ^^. I'd appreciate anyone willing to lend a hand ~!!

    So my problem is, recently I've begun making mesh. I go to apply a texture to it and it doesn't like... Take? It will apply but very strangely or simply not at all. If it does its Stretched and blurred. I thought okay, it's my noob texturing skill. I messed up. So I put the project aside for a bit.
    But then I had bought a shirt off of the MP and it had a texture mod. I went to apply it and again, it would not apply to the mesh even after clicking it to or dragging it--(yes the shirt had modify permissions and it went into unlocked edit mode when trying) and if it did apply, the texture was stretched and blurred like before. So this made me realize that the problem probably isn't with how I made my own texture? Maybe I'm applying it wrong ? It doesn't seem so.

    I am hoping maybe someone can offer a suggestion or two? Thank you very much for even reading at all ^^
  2. I'm making an Asian folklore tinted, fantasy romance machinima, in episodes. I wanna have voices in it and not do subtitles, if I can find enough voice actors, that is.
    I looked and saw some people asking for voice actors from a while ago in this part of the forum.
    I'm not sure how many people actually are interested in doing voice acting??

    I thought I'd just see if anyone was up for doing it!!!
    I need male and female voices with a playful air to them ~ ♡
    We can talk more specifics of it if you're interested !!~ ♡

    Hope that this is okay to put here and not in the wanted section~? T
  3. The singing HUD turned out not to work for what I wanted (´ . .̫ . `) ... But..


    I did was made an improvisation sort of...took this (link below) which is triggered by typing,that I didn't wanna use but it worked out being advantageous because I could more accurately control their speaking times.



    And used it with a free emote HUD like this


    That one is not free but one like that, yeah. It actually worked out better to have them doing an expression while also talking.


    Unfortunately it's a bit more difficult than just a straight up HUD, but any issues I've had I made a work around for it.


    Also I contacted a guy who made the perfect HUD for mouth movement but he no longer sells. If he returns my message I'll let you know so maybe you can grab one from him too ^^ ♡

  4. I'm looking for a HUD that will make it look like someone is talking but not be activated by typing -just by turning it on? Suggestions ? Thanks ♪

    Nvm found a singing HUD that will suffice :0/
  5. Man, yeah... I can see it being hard for you. The treatment you faced sucks so much. People are really ignorant. Just brush the dirt off your shoulders. ♡

    I dunno if it exists but it seems like it would - a 'G' rated place/hangout just for real life teens.

    Maybe you've already looked into it but it could be a place to start with finding accepting people?

  6. Hey so I need a couples hip hop dance that interacts with each other, one a dance HUD obviously can't do. I have one from A&M mocap but I can't really find anymore.... Lawl... My internet search skills aren't that great to find more that way, though I've tried ;-;〜 I know the major dance places and I can't see anymore hip hop ones ( ´^` )... Maybe Im just not seeing them. I know of the Henmations one but I don't like it ... :^{
    If anyone knows more, please tell me!! ♡
  7. Reika , hihi♡

    I LOOVE Art too... I do mostly digital... I used to have a deviant art but I deleted everything lol ( ´^` ) ....

    I don't play those games but I used to play tera a lot... I love cute frilly fashions 。◕‿◕。 and I also have a tumblr~〜! Your name seems familiar somehow too hmmmmm.... Maybe if your tumblr name is your sl username I follow it... Well I follow so many blogs I might just be following yours anyways LOL...

    Oetoriya... I'm a lonerrr too ( ´^` ) I'm just soo shy lol..

    I also love to take pictures .:: well at least when I had a good computer I did but I can only run graphics on low buuuuu~! Thumbs down lol.





  8. Well I've heard people say SL is dead... And to me in comparison to a few years ago there seems to be less people online like you say...I've seen stores that closed that neverrrrr would have so quickly in the past... I think it's just not as many people playing... Or maybe they're all looking for very specific things and there's a secret trend... I mean from last year the fashion trends seem to be a lot different than this year (going by all the fashion blogs) but some stores remain the same and don't follow it (it's not a bad thing I'm just guessing around)... You also get the fact that people stop playing but I'm not sure if the ratio to people going is at par with those coming. I mean because so many noobs don't seem to stay around they just make an account an go..(esp with the confusion of mesh). But with older members leaving It means less people... And the older members that stay already probably have a lot of stuff, it may be hard to find something unique and not too close to what you already have... That's my guess I guess lol... It's sad not as many might be playing because we're getting such new cool waves of cool things in SL like new mesh forms and stuff...

  9. Hmm I know many who last long and are asking for exactly what I'm asking for and are only in SL. I don't think you can speak for all men 〜 or how they act or what they want. I understand what youre getting at but everyone is different and treats things differently (∩╹∀╹∩) I also reiterate what I said before that it's strictly SL unless it becomes more... I'm not denying people like RL too.


    Ty for your comment 。◕‿◕。

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