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  1. You’re right it worked! Thank you so much😭
  2. Hi, i can’t request process credit, the button is grayed and i can’t click it, I’ve seen all the previous answers, i bought lindens for the first time months ago, i have 17usd in my tilia balance and my account verification is complete, i need help please thank you!
  3. Thank you for your answer! Now i did it with about 4000LD in the rate of 240/1, i'm a little anxious and afraid i'll lose my lindens with no profit at all, what will happen with my offer if i might ask? should i just cancel it or will it get debited to my bank account? thank you again
  4. so hey y'all i want to send my linden dollars to my bank account and down in the possibly to set the "Exchange Rate in L$ / US$1.00:" and if i chose my rate for example 200LD/USD it tells me that it's equal to a bigger amount of money, does that mean it'll debit all that money to my bank account or did i misunderstood anything, thank you in advance!
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