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  1. yea i know the person who got banned, i havent read the whole argument in here but banning someone just cause of a report by someone, is lame.. there is no proof really, i dont care if kemonos look like children or whatever, ive seen many wierd things happening in SL afterall.. but banning without a proof is something i which got me filled with rage , i mean before speculating things or accuse someone, you would check logs and stuff,to see if there is a reality in what she is accused for then you would have the rights to be able to ban that person.. and i dont think thats been made when she is banned from SL and we are talking about an account which contains hundreds of dollars worth items, i dont wish to mention about the effort and time spent to create avis... she should have rights to be able to defend herself ((and if she is telling the truth (which i believe in her honesty) she doesnt even have to defend herself in this point coz this is all a false accusation)) if there is no logs that proofs that she is guilty of being in an ageplay stuff.. then i dont see any guilt at all. And if they cant prove that , they should unban her.
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