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  1. Freedom Under Consensual Kink is open again! We are a kink acceptance D/s and BDSM Community. We want to provide an open and accepting environment to learn and explore your desires without judgment. We want to be a support system for those in the community where shame is never present. We are a community sim with rentals, a club with many events planned a park with games and an outdoor movie screen, as well as shops. We are Hiring for the following positions Manager Application - https://forms.gle/BVkQAsr7ZHf1bDUx7 Host Application - https://forms.gle/UR3LUqf6t22DDWba7 -Hosts (DJ host as well as discussion host, you can do both or one.) DJ application - https://forms.gle/acUV6Hx9GBr2SwuP9 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Playa Macao/193/163/27
  2. AEG is an absolute joke, the owner treats people like crap, and has no experience with staffing. Just because your a club owner, does not give you the right to talk down to anyone around you bro.
  3. Ambrosia is a joke, the owner is an absolute dufus, treating his staff and VIP's like complete crap, he needs to learn how to treat his NOT-employees, before he can expect to get any real good traction, i went to his club the other day, and it was Dead, i wondered why, i found out today... i suggest staying away, from both an employment point of view AND a VIP Point of view... unlesss you like being berated, the man thinks he is a real world C.E.O Boss, and throws his weight around like candy. i DO NOT SUGGEST THIS CLUB
  4. SL Name: Leo Melodious Display Name: Leo Cupcake Discord: Cryotix#6449 RL Qualifications & Experience Degree in Supply Chain & Logistics - Includes sub certificates in Operations Management & Contract Law Degree in Human Resources. SL Qualifications: 14 Years of Second Life F.U.C.K - Owner (Club & Lounge) (Closed now, temporarily) OwneD/s - Owner (Community, Lounge, Educational) (Closed Permanently) Daddy's Release - Owner (Club/Community, Included Full Sim, Mall, and Live Venue) (Closed Permanently) Fox Hollow - Project Manager (Roleplay Community) (Difference of Opinion, RL issues) Bliss - Co-Owner (Escort/Dancer Club) (Closed Permanently) Release - Owner (Escort/Dancer Club) (Closed Permanently) Aces - Dancer (Club for the ladies) (Unsure of current status) DJ'd as well for most clubs I ran What you should have to offer: Weekly Pay is an asset, but not a requirement Pay of some form is required. Discounts or Benefits associated with your location or business. Work is not done for free, but i am willing to work for many different options, hit me up in world or on discord to have a chat
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