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  1. I've already looked at that unfortunately.
  2. I'm having a bit of a problem. My account is able to see Adult content (It is set as 18, and I am 18. etc) I used to be able to view all content in the marketplace, but now I cannot see any of it. My preferences in-game have made it so I can see all content, including adult, but I cannot see adult content unless it is linked to me by a friend, or I look at it in my wishlist, but thats where it then says "This item is rated Adult, which exceeds your chosen maximum maturity level of General. View item anyway" This confuses me, since I have my settings set to see everything. Is there somewhere on the website I must go to change this?
  3. I am using FireStorm, and I've uploaded pictures for them. Thing is, I can see the pictures but other people can't. Why is that? It worked at one point, where I could see the pictures for my picks as well as others, then today I couldn't see them. They were just grey boxes. Since then I have fixed it to where I can see them, but other people cannot. Why is this?
  4. So I recently started using Firestorm (Due to coming back to SL, this being my new account) I have fixed the controls so WASD moves me, and doesn't type. I forgot exactly what happened, if I had logged out or crashed But for some odd reason, No matter what view I'm using, the only controls (Other than the arrow keys which work fine, but I cannot for the life of me use them, or get used to them) that can move me, is S. Nothing else. I have looked at my options, and there was nothing changed, at all. Would I have to reinstall, or is there a fix?
  5. Heheh. It'd be nice to actually have nipples though.. it feels odd.
  6. I have fixed it, It doesnt come unboxed.. it pops up in the corner. Well then..
  7. I'm curious about what breasts those are that are being used.. Unless I am a complete idiot and they are the default ones I cannot really tell. I have Lolas tango breasts, but clothes don't go over them. If anybody knows any breasts you can buy (If any) that allow clothes to go over them? (Preferably larger sizes, like the lolas tango breasts) Message me in world or comment the link on here, thanks :D
  8. I bought something from BlunderForge, and tried to travel to the main store but it no longer exists. Where could I find it?
  9. This has been said many times, but I am incredibly frustrated right now. I have been trying to find the aventity avatars (primarially Shark and Horse (Female for both)) and I cannot seem to find them.. at all.. I only find textures. Are they no longer available.. or.. am I just an idiot?
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