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  1. omgaa i love you so bad right now. ! thats what was missing. because i totally remembered just double clicking all the time. this was starting to get to me. having to right click add. thank youu so much! and for replying so quickly!
  2. hmm, okay you know what? maybe i WAS double clicking to add something because its not doing it anymore. and maybe, just maybe..i need to make a really big nespresso latte, because i am not remembering sht right now... geezus i was only gone for 2 months. thanks again Whirly.
  3. yes, thats why i'm baffled. using 'right click add' , i put something in my hand, and my top disappears. put something on for pants and my hand item disappears...etc. i only use firestorm. i tried older versions and the latest. all are doing it. i know right? weird. Thanks Whirly
  4. i'm on the latest firestorm, but i dont event think its firestorm, i add a clothing item and as soon as i do, something else i'm wearing disappears, i've not had this happen in years. So now i have to manually go thru each piece of clothing and try and figure out where to put it, arm, leg , etc etc. This btw, IS using ADD not Wear. I thought this was an automatic thing now, since 2011, where you can add multiple attatchments without doing it manually, and that they could go on the same body part with more than one. ugh. even uninstalled and went to an older version of firestorm , still ha
  5. and back again..lol.. i detatched my catwa huds for my mesh head. hopefully that will fix that. glad i popped in here, was drivng me nuts.
  6. here are some pics if anyone technically inclined can help us. notice the date and time, its me logging in and out immed after taking a snapshot, so you can see its literally seconds in between.
  7. yep exactly. 2 days. trying to get help from firestorm is like trying to pull a tooth. no way to get help , except to follow an obstacle course thru their website, then join some chat via some link, and then wait for an officer of this chat to invite you, but first you have to wait for someone to show in the chat. ....literally almost had it with firestorm. so has my pc.
  8. been logging in and getting the 'toomany messages capped' , but in my case its some form of glitch, as i log out and log back in immediately and it shows up. every time. no matter what. not sure this is firestorm or sl. but its annoying af. I tried the email offline, option. doesnt work. that same system message shows up. tried clearing cache and leaving every group. still shows up. its there all the time. and i have not received any regular messages in days now.
  9. i'm on firestorm. since the latest firestorm update, i've done nothing BUT freeze. to the point where i might just call it a day. not fun anymore
  10. purchased item, history search would be nice. to go back to something i bought 4 months ago even, is a nitemare. how its not already in place is beyond me. there is literally no way to find something but to go thru page after page after page, and how many items are on one page again? remind me? ..ten?.. exactly , i'm way past 400 pages..and counting.
  11. Yeah you need to change the eye spacing setting, the mesh head requires them alot farther apart. i think there are a few settings you can change for the head. not many. i bought one mesh head, was thinking of getting a another one, but i think i'm going to wait til they have better options. hopefully more options to change the appearance more. there are also lot of skins out now for them in the marketplace. type 'mesh head' in the search or tmp head. Noelle
  12. yah well i give up, i've spent tons of money there, i buy the shorts or jeans, and can never get them into the style mode, just goes around and around. lost a few items that way... but here is the worst part. this shows up alot, and i paid alot for this freakin body. just to have it copywrighted all over me? ....im ... sooo over this .... Noelle
  13. Hey thanks alot all. really appreciate the fast replies. it seems its a glitch on their side. but thats okay. i had too many problems with those mesh bodies, frankly, i'll put them away til theyre actually ready..... Noel
  14. yah the skin thing, i dont know. i mean i have a regular avi under the mesh, but its been done properly, and yes, it was TMP The Mesh Project where i got the new body. so i took your advice even though i hate buggin people, , i mean how do you go up to someone and ask if they can see numbers and copywright on my body? ...lol. omg...so yah i did it. yay me. and she said no, she didnt see anything , just skin. so i'm hoping that girl who sent me that pic of what she saw, was on some old dinasaur viewer, or alot more are going to see it i guess. thank you sooo much, i was seriously freakin'
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