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  1. Brightmoor is a quaint living community offering a variety of homes and land for rent. Residents can enjoy the sights and scenery and partake in many amenities including: Cafe General Store Apple Orchard Pumpkin Patch Pool Hot Air Balloon Rides Christmas Tree Farm Click Here to visit Brightmoor today
  2. It has been a few days since finding the courage and posting for a non sexual rp partner. I would like to thank those for even taking the time to click onto my post and for those willing to comment. I had no clue that so soon I would reach 135 view. So for those who have viewed and soon after noticed this was not for them I truly appreciate that they went about their lives with class. For those that have chosen to waste my time and theirs by posting snarky comments please do understand it is not my intention to "play games" with someones time and emotions, SO if you feel offended that I choose to search for something that I personally am interested in I do advise you to click the backspace key on your keyboard and move along. It is my choice to not be involved in anything sexual in MY second life and I do not need nor care to hear your opinions about MY posting about MY role play. If you choose to search for a similar situation that involves sex that is your choice. Go you! Go about your business. Do not critique my choices and most importantly save your fingers the work of replying to something that does not concern you.
  3. Hello those that are interested in roleplay! I am interested in finding someone who would be interested in being apart of an rp opportunity with my family and I as my role play partner. We are playing foreigners (my sister is essentially a mail order bride ahaha and I am somewhat forced into the same situation by her.) If you can not separate sl roleplay with RL I am totally fine with you continuing your search to find SL/RL love and being your strictly non-sexual RP mistress. To learn more about my backstory feel free to read it in my profile picks inworld. My name is Jezyabelle Resident. If this seems like something that you would be interested in please feel free to contact me inworld or leave me a notecard. Thanks! Belle
  4. Forest View Village Adoption Agency is Officially OPEN!! If you or a loved one is seeking to start a family or to find another member for your family, come on down to our brand new Adoption Agency! here is your ride http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Osho/221/79/22
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