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  1. Hello... I need to create a TYPER that will make the object appear, play the animation (and loop till typing is stopped) then vanish the item... I have a script that the item appears then vanishes when typing but cannot for the life of me figure out how to make an animation play as well. Do I need a separate script for this? And if so, could someone help me with that script please? here is what I have so far: default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(0.1); } timer() { if (llGetAgentInfo(llGetOwner()) & AGENT_TYPING) {
  2. Its been an issue with TMP so no wonder the same terrible service would follow... Great many clothing designers are making clothing but try and find nail polish... GOOD LUCK... they have not incorporated Omega either and they have every excuse why not.. They want it so we have to spend spend spend on their bodies... Its a thing with them and it was and always will be. But people are led to believe this is the best body so we will spend.
  3. Can I please get a group invite to Second Life Beta group so I can go to Letigre... I am somehow unable to join group. I was in it but i left by mistake now I cant get back in. Please help me. Thank you
  4. MissTauni

    Breast Deforming

    Every update SL gets worse and worse... IJS
  5. I wish more stores did subscription rather than groups... But they wont because they want to charge hundreds for group membership...
  6. And what is it now? 7 or 8 RL dollars for premium? I upload 4 times that or more in linden a month.... And do they give premium members comparable amount of benefits.. It def does not add up... So, DEFINITELY NOT happening.
  7. But what happens when almost ALL groups are ones that cost a lot? And I don't feel we should have to pay extra Linden to be premium when what you get for that is not worth it... The Linden premium member homes are a joke... I rent a modest parcel, have a BEAUTIFUL home, and upload and spend A LOT of money in SL without paying more... I pay probably more than some premium members here in SL I should be allotted same amount of groups... FOR SURE!
  8. just want to comment that almost EVERY Store REQUIRES you to be in a group to take advantage of their credit earning and other events and giveaways. That along with we who need our own groups for our Homes, Families, Clubs etc. I think the Group Limit should be AT LEAST 50. It is so annoying to have to leave a free group you love to make room for another group you want... The Constant toggling and leaving and rejoining groups isn't fair to US or the Store Owners etc.... PLEASE LINDEN LABS, ACKNOWLEDGE THIS ISSUE!
  9. I have so much to say... But I better hold my tongue as I don't want to be BANNED... BUT... Trust me... NO ACCOUNTABILITY in SL.. ONLY ones worrying about all that TOS violations are those in SL doing shyt they ain't supposed to do or that is hurtful... Live it right noone will be able to make you look bad...But sadly in SL.. For MOST, THAT ain't the case, HENCE the TOS... SO, skip all that TOS jabber get to the end check that accept box and get your awkward butts in SL with all ya alts..
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