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  1. Yep, Thankfully that didn't happen. They got the issues resolved, and we are free to continue in these awesome regions. Peace!
  2. Yep, very beautiful place, full sim, some upward terrain there, excellent for an awesome sunset club! I am one of the neighbors so I should know! Right now going for L$670,000, and that is for a FULL sim, no protected land or anything in it, just wholesome goodness there, and over in the neighboring sim we are building some great attractions that can accompany anything you want to put in the region of Sialimonus. Moderate rated as well! A very rare investment for the discerning buyer! peace. :-)
  3. Yep, a very rare Mainland sim. On the SL west coast, Looking for someone that is very interested and may be able to partner with my own projects on the neighboring sim of Glinda. Will be really sweet. :-)
  4. Yep guys, Larre is back in Glinda, and beginning his expansion there. Hopefully we can get the funhouse back there (currently in Sialimonus). Lets hope guys that all that happened in late may can be turned around. peace :-)
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