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  1. Yes it is a new account (few days old) and I haven't "bought" anything yet, but I have taken a few freebies from the freebies store. The settings are saved in preferences but still no luck on the search window. I have contacted support and raised this with them, so hopefully they can fix it
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, but I already knew this. In my original post I said that it won't let me select adult in the search window as it's greyed out. When I hover over it says I can't select adult places due to my maturity settings, even though I've already selected general, moderate and adult in my general preferences.
  3. Hello :) I have enaed general, moderate and adult in my "general" tab in preferences, but I'm still not allowed to search for adult places. On the search window the adult box is greyed out, so I can't tick if. When I hover over it tells me I can't search for adult places due to my maturity settings. I've tried clearing the cache and restarting second life several times, to no avail. Somebody please help :(
  4. Of course I would rather be made aware of any potential risks associated with private renting - I appreciate any warnings and information at this point
  5. This answers all my questions - thank you so much.
  6. I do understand and completely agree with what you're saying. There's no chance I would jump into the game and buy land on my first day in SL - I was just trying to get as much knowledge as possible before starting Thank you.
  7. Haha - amazing. Thank you everyone. My mind is still slightly boggled with the whole land owning side, but I'm sure it'll become clear as time goes on. Do you still have to pay tier fees if you buy non mainland space? I'm guessing this is a yes as someone has to pay for server maintenance. Thank you all.
  8. Phil Deakins, you have been most helpful. Thank you very much. Just one more question - you mentioned than non mainland plots still have an owner (not you) even when you purchase them? That seems a bit unfair - if I just forked out over $1,000 of real money for a private island, I would want to own something...
  9. Hello all, I'm new to SL (as you can probably tell), and although I've done alot of research I still have some questions. 1) If I was to upgrade to premium and also purchase a large piece of land with a house, how would I cancel my tier payments if I wanted to leave SL after 6 months for example? Would I be charged indefinitely unless I could sell the land? Or is there a way I can simply cancel all second life payments in one go and downgrade to basic without any outstanding charges? I'm worried that I'll get caught up in a contract and have to pay land charges even if I have no further interest in SL. 2) What day of the month does SL take the money out of your RL account? 3) How do you store vehicles? 4) I read somewhere that even if you buy a piece of land privately (not mainland), you still don't own that piece of land. Is this true? 5) I've seen alot of tutorials that say you need additional software in order to "rez"(!?) a house before you put it on your land? I am going to be honest and say I have no idea what this means. Can't I just buy a prefab house and just put it onto a piece of land I've purchased? Sorry for all the questions, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sam
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