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  1. So it's that time of the year. The time when pencils, notebooks, and erasers are bought in bulk. How boring. Wouldn't you rather go home with a sexy, naughty school girl? I know I would. Lucky enough for you, [Babes] is hosting a Back-To-School Auction event. And the attire? Why, plaid skirts leaving little to the imagination of course! We will be auctioning off the best dancers and escorts in all of SL for you to do as you please with. Some managers will be thrown in the group as well as the owner of the club! Ooh la la. Bidding will start at no less than 500L as soon as the clock reaches 6 PM SL time and ends once it makes its way around to 9 PM. Dates can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Event starts at 6 PM and will last until 9 PM SL time and is taking place at [Babes] Escort and Strip Club on 9/17/2014.Dates cannot be shorter than thirty minutes, but they cannot exceed an hour and a half.Auctioners do not have to dress in the given attire but still are givien the option.IF YOU PLAN ON BIDDING, PLEASE ARRIVE AT THE CLUB WITH AT LEAST 500L FOR THE BIDDING WILL START NO LOWER.Only twelve chairs will be open for auctioners! First come, first serve!I'll be looking forward to seeing you all there with a ruler in hand, ready to punish you for all those F's on your report card. c; Please direct any of your questions/concerns to the following: Gospelle Resident - Event Host/Manager.Teeny Spot - Event Co-host/Manager.Kandiicane Resident - Owner.Cagil99 Resident - Manager.Jessika Talon - Manager.
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