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  1. hmm, the reason I need such a bot is , when we made a new clothing , we always resize it to fit many bodies ( hourglass,physique,venus,isis,freya,maitreya,legacy,signature,curvy...) and sometimes, we need to unlink the mesh if there are too big, and I think many clothing designers did not do any LOD , so I think it would be helpful if there is a bot
  2. Hello ereryone, I am thinking to make a script, to upload mesh models automaticly ,but I see the lsl portal , seems like there is not such a function
  3. As the pics show, I am rigging a bento hands, but when I check in the 'skin weight' , you see hands mesh deformed , and it is looks deformed too after I wear it , is there any thing I should do but forgot ? I use mayastar
  4. AH, one more question, the Beq's tutorial you mentioned about , I can't find it on youtube , do you know the full name of the tutorial ? or a link would be great ^^
  5. ah , but I just set my graphic to the top quantity
  6. thank you so much OptimoMaximo,I will go read Beq's post
  7. hello everyone, I am making a flush tail , I use alpha textures on my tail mesh, but it act like this,is there anything I am doing wrong ?
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