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  1. Hey there, I've been hosting basically since I started SL (with breaks here and there throughout the years). I've worked at plenty of clubs/hangouts including Havoc, DV8, VooDoo, Consent, Exhale and many more. Looking for somewhere new to work at as well! Usually around Thurs - Sun if I'm on (often a lot more on the weekend) when I'm not working. Usually looking for late sets, such as 8PM+. I'm flexible though on some days. Always happy to do covers if you need someone and I'm around. So yeah, I've been around a long time, hosted since pretty much my first week on SL, love to hang and chit chat with people. Hit me up if you're hiring or wanna chat about it! Hit me up on here or preferably in world on everiynn Resident (aka Honeybear). Chat to you soon! 💕
  2. Thank you! I checked it out and you're right - it seems like a good yardsale sim I'm gonna try out this one! X
  3. ► Looking for some popular Gacha Resale Sims ◄ I'm looking to check out some sims where I can sell some current and previous gacha event stuff (and also for all gacha items - rather than just the arcade items). I've checked out a lot but some don't seem to be so popular... So I was wondering what the most popular and crowded ones currently are. Probably just need a table, nothing to big :P~ And prices for renting one don't really matter to me rn, just wondering at which sims have a lot of people visiting to I can get stuff sold quickly :P~ I've had a look at the seraphim's yardsale list too - but yeah, they list a lot and checked out some but not sure yet. Let me know, it would be much appreciated! X [Also I hope this is the right forum to write it in lol, wasn't sure where I should put this tbh.]
  4. EverIynn

    Best Dance Hud/s

    I'm just wondering on the best dance huds... I was probably thinking of throwing dances on there, like idc if its a package kinda like dances + hud... I'd honestly just prefer a hud then I can put on my own dance animations that I choose from all over the place. Haha, like i've looked at a lot of the popular animation stores, found a lot of dances and stuff I like. I already have some random as huds but they're kinda poopy so I wanted to finally get a better one cos y nawt ryt lel. Just curious about dance huds abilities or advantages wise compared to each other, or at least from other peoples experience/in their opinion. So yea, if you know of any you'd recommend & from where (cos that would be really helpful), write it below for me yea? :D Thankies in advance! ;D
  5. Hello! Oh wow, awesome. Yes, I'm definitely interested so I'll send a message to you in-world now, since I just finally had a chance to log in! Hope to chat to you soon! xo
  6. EverIynn

    Hi all!

    I'm Everlynn (that's a capitalized i if you're looking for me in-game).. I'm semi new to SL, only really joined 3 weeks ago - but I made a new account already cos reasons and yeahhh, this one's only 3 or so days old now. So far I'm enjoying SL, just exploring and meeting interesting new people. But just began using forums and saw this friends section, so I figured what the hey I'll just post something here too! So, you call me Eve, Everly, Everlynn or whatever - it's all fine with me. I'm a 19 y/o female from Australia. I'm always up for a chat with new people - you'll see I'm a friendly person and just want to have fun. Anyway, reason I joined SL was because I was just bored one night and figured I'd see how it goes. And so far it's going well. Gotta say it's pretty addictive, so I understand why some people stick around for YEARS. Uh, I don't really know what else to add - well, I do but - message me in world (or through message on here if you want) if you want to get to know me more or if you just want to chat! I'm always up for that. So hear from you soon then, maybe? Bye! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  7. Thanks, I just sent an application in now! :matte-motes-smitten:
  8. Still semi new to SL so I'm not sure the exact one. I read a few old forums about it but some were saying different timezones as their answers (?)... So anyone know? It would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  9. Aww, thank you JKimikoL! I appreciate your warm welcome and tips! I'll keep them in mind while I'm looking for a dancer or hostess job. I've been wanting one since I joined SL but decided to explore and meet people first, getting to know SL a bit. Finally decided to see if I can find a job on here! I already applied at a few places, and we'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed! All the very best to you also, xoxo.
  10. Hello! I'm EverIynn (that's a capitalized i so Everiynn if you're looking for me inworld)... I'm still fairly new to SL. I originally joined 2-3 weeks ago, then remade my avi - so this ones only 2-3 days old. Buuut I'm hoping to get more involved in SL by getting a job as a dancer since I love being around people, chatting, and, of course, music and dancing!! So I figure it would be awesome if I did that. I'm a 19 y/o girl in real life. I'm from Australia, so I go under AEST time... According to in game time (PT)... I can usually be on between 2:00AM-10:00AM or 11:00AM PT (7PM-4AM AEST) but I'm obviously not on during that whole time everyday, but sometimes I am lol. But I usually do come on everyday usually, at least for a few hours - yes SL is very addictive. I haven't had an previous jobs, seeing as I joined SL recently...But I'm confident I can do well as a dancer or hostess since I'm a pretty friendly person, love chatting and helping others if I can. I don't use voice though since I don't have a mic on this computer, but hopefully that won't be an issue since I'm chatty through the keyboard. I'm not sure what else to mention but hope you contact me! Thanks for your time and reading this (I think it's a bit long but oh well) Looking forward to hearing from you! Xoxo, EverIynn (Oh and since some places seem to ask for pictures to see how you look, I took some quick photos for you! This is my avi right now - Full body, closer up and very close up!)
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