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  1. hit me up in world - everiynn, or message me on here. good at shopping and good at dressing up whether you want a girl or guy avi. ❤️ we can chat prices when you msg
  2. Need your home decorated and don't have the time, things or motivation to do it yourself? Hire me to do it for you. I decorate interior or exterior, happy to discuss a theme or ideas of what you would like, and always happy to work together with you to build your perfect home. See below for previously decorated example photos. For information on rates (flexible - make an offer) or to discuss a project, please contact me below or in-world on: ʜᴏɴᴇʏʙᴇᴀʀ (everiynn Resident). 💓
  3. Damn. This topic has been going on for years. This is me today at a Cyberpunk City that I found.
  4. Ooh! To add onto the list, I just found another at the Cosmopolitan event that just opened. https://gyazo.com/421cf0d6b83671f51270e145a40418d6 (Luc.) Pretzel Dogs (Touch Serve, BENTO) It's clickable/attachable too!
  5. Hi! I have way too much pixel food. Some nice mesh sandwiches I own are: - O.M.E.N - Summer Time - Deli Sandwich https://gyazo.com/0ece7d71b9e0b0aea0e96dd41a3b1501 - *tentacio* Sandwich set https://gyazo.com/304ca5bc63226b6bd6a0a2c9685dd116 Also, for a clickable food that attaches to someone: *BE* or BellEquipe has some great food and you can click it to have some! I thought they had sandwiches but I just looked and they have burgers and other treats instead, for example: - https://gyazo.com/4335d2929deaedf34285b34191290c4d - https://gyazo.com/9598324ada4156dd30418f1842cc22db
  6. I haven't seen any. Usually furniture is always sold separately, other than maybe a bed included. Most of the homes I own are all entirely unfurnished. But some of the builds from Vale Koer seem to include some furniture/decor (very, very high quality), although you may want to do some decorating, too. Check it out: - https://www.flickr.com/photos/valekoer/41527118271/in/dateposted/ - https://www.flickr.com/photos/valekoer/28354383087/in/dateposted/ - https://www.flickr.com/photos/valekoer/41441557994/in/dateposted/
  7. Awesome, thank you! I'll go look right now.
  8. Hello! If you're looking for someone to decorate your home or skybox or any room, I might be able to help! I've mostly decorated for friends and my own places in the past, but I'm bored and I have time on my hands and TOO MUCH stuff in my inventory THAT I DON'T EVEN USE!!! (and I keep buying stuff, I can't be stopped), so let's put it to use. We can discuss themes of what you want, colour schemes etc, we can figure something out. I have a little bit of everything and honestly can't even keep track of what I have in my mess of an inventory. If you like any skyboxes/homes in my pictu
  9. You could always try gacha re-sale groups in world (some people look to trade in those) so maybe try there!
  10. Hey, Anyone know any good voice hangouts where people chill at? I'm bored and want more places to hang at. Let me know. 🐤
  11. Hello, I've shot you a message in world (in-game name is Honeybear/everiynn Resident). I'd be down to help, I also have some of the things you listed you like from Nomad. Shoot me a message so we can discuss more. 🐤
  12. Hey there, I've been hosting basically since I started SL (with breaks here and there throughout the years). I've worked at plenty of clubs/hangouts including Havoc, DV8, VooDoo, Consent, Exhale and many more. Looking for somewhere new to work at as well! Usually around Thurs - Sun if I'm on (often a lot more on the weekend) when I'm not working. Usually looking for late sets, such as 8PM+. I'm flexible though on some days. Always happy to do covers if you need someone and I'm around. So yeah, I've been around a long time, hosted since pretty much my first week on SL, love to
  13. Thank you! I checked it out and you're right - it seems like a good yardsale sim I'm gonna try out this one! X
  14. ► Looking for some popular Gacha Resale Sims ◄ I'm looking to check out some sims where I can sell some current and previous gacha event stuff (and also for all gacha items - rather than just the arcade items). I've checked out a lot but some don't seem to be so popular... So I was wondering what the most popular and crowded ones currently are. Probably just need a table, nothing to big :P~ And prices for renting one don't really matter to me rn, just wondering at which sims have a lot of people visiting to I can get stuff sold quickly :P~ I've had a look at the seraphim's yardsale list too -
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