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  1. Looking for roommate to occupy some space, price and such are negotiable will provide tour upon request for more info pleas message inworld
  2. Have some nice land to share, quarter Sim - 16,384 sqm plenty of room 162 open prims currently, 199 for rent, could rez another house or we can share one, your choice :) please IM me inworld for more details or a tour
  3. Quarter Sim - 16,384 sqm, room to rez your own home :) Rent is 199, 162 prims currently available, 40L for 50 extra prims on the land. please IM me inworld for more info, or a tour of the land.
  4. Heyy just looking for some friends, I am 21, like all types of music, anime, and art I also enjoy wandering around in sl
  5. Lmao I got on this all excited to make a friend and then read it I work there lmao
  6. Hello, I can't get my mesh body to view properly in exodus, it keeps stretching everywhere. And i know it isn't from a script because it's fine on all other viewers and it was fine last night but just barely started when I opened Exodus. I just really need help. I used to use Exodus fine and loved it and I really want to use it again. 
  7. Hello, I am looking for any kind of job, I have worked as a dancer before, I use a mesh body by tmp(The Mesh Project) I am female, and am 21. Please let me know if you are willing to hire me.
  8. Hello, I am looking for a job as a dancer (I am experienced) or a modeling job (I am not experienced in this yet). I have a mesh body by TMP(The Mesh Project) currently, outfits and dances.
  9. i'm scared to just approach people, so hey xD lets be friends, i like clubs and rp c: i would love a new rp family too it's been a while since i've been on so i would also like someone to help me out with good places to hang etc ^-^
  10. Hello, i was a dancer for a little while, i have my own dances etc, i am looking for a job, doesn't have to be dancing that's just all i've done so far, if anyone has anything please let me know ^-^ also i do not have the linden required to upload a recent pic of my avatar, although there are some snapchats on my profile, so i need someone who would work with me on that thakyou, please contact me if you have anything and have a nice day ^-^ Also i use a mesh avatar
  11. I am looking for a job as a dancer, a couple things have changed since i last posted this, i now have a mesh avatar (so not many outfits) i still have my own dances, i do not have the linden to upload a pic though sadly so i'm gonna need somebody who would work with me on that. if any one is interested please im me. thankyou and have a nice day
  12. Haven't been on in so long, and am so lost would like some friends to help me out and to chat with, please send me an im inworld c: Also i am 19, turning 20 in may would like some friends my age but doesn't really matter, i love rp and stuff like that :D
  13. Looking for a ob as a dance, i have my own dances, and outfits, please im me, Thankyou.
  14. Hello, I am looking for a good dancers job ^-^ i have my own dances etc and am just lookinf for somewhere that pays nice, please IM me if you have something
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