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  1. Me and my best friend Mariposa takin allll your tp♥
  2. i also had this issue, i sent in a ticket and this was the response "I am sorry that you are having difficulty with the Merchant Outbox and uploading content to the Second Life Marketplace. Please download the Merchant Outbox Project Viewer, located here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Project_Merchant_Outbox/ If the Merchant Outbox Project Viewer does not correct the issue, please create a Second Life Jira Bug Report with details regarding the issue that you are having and include any messages that are displayed in the viewer when you attempt to add
  3. I recently tried for the first time to put gacha items on the marketplace with a magic box, all seemed to go well. but a couple days later i noticed that all the items said "item unavailable". I unlisted the items so no one would try to buy them. After that i tried looking for them in the unassociated inventroy and the xstreet site and i can't seem to find them anywhere. I also looked in the actual magicbox but nothing is in there except the scripts. i contacted LL but they haven't been able to help me.
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