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  1. I mean, how do they do such things as set the security and their own stream for it if it is not its own parcel?
  2. Then how is it done with renters? I see stack after stack of skyboxes when I fly my helicopter. Do they make each skybox a parcel? If so, can't I make a 255 x 255 x 499 skybox?
  3. I have a homestead sim and want to parcel it by altitude. I want the entire sim to consist of eight parcels @ 256 x 256 x 500. The "yellow box" method described here ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Joining_and_subdividing_land ) does not seem to allow this. Is there another method of selecting the area to parcel off?
  4. Oh, THERE it is. I was looking in the place where such things as allow fly and change media are enabled/disabled.
  5. Something must have changed when it comes to enabling the Export List option in the group info Members & Roles -> Members tab. ( I am able to do this with several groups, so my viewer is not the issue). The only answer I have ever seen is that I must be assigned to a role that has "Reveal Members" checked. Well, this cannot possibly be true because #1 This ability is not checked for any of the groups I am able to Export List because, #2 There IS NO "Reveal members" option under group roles!!! There may have been at one time, but not any more. So, what's the secret??
  6. That is what I meant when I said Maitreya doesn't do skinny. It can be made skinny, but it is difficult to be skinny and well formed. I was amazed at how well your skinny Maitreya looked, but it's difficult to add "meat" to it and still appear thin. As you say, Fine Beauty is designed to be thin. I've tried the various demos of heads from several makers. While they're all "good," if I'm going to sink $5k into a head, it needs to be perfect.
  7. I toyed with Catwa's bento heads, but it seems that adjusting the protrusion of the lips to the point where I'm satisfied with them causes the teeth to poke through.
  8. My problem with most mesh heads is what I would call "duck bill lips." Fortunately this is visible only from the side, but even still... LeLutka does have a head where the lips aren't as bad as many. I have and use a Catwa head, but I'm keeping my eyes out for something better.
  9. It is my belief that the reason there aren't as many "Tonic specific" fitmesh clothing is because it works so WELL with "standard fitmesh" sizes. Fortunately, Meli Imako is among the many FP makers who are releasing Tonic items (both Fine and Curvy) that are being picked up by creators. I agree that even a slider setting of 0 on the butt leaves it too large, but what can you do? I've bugged Fizz about making a mesh body with a smaller behind, and maybe she'll eventually release one.
  10. Small and skinny is possible, but not with Maitreya (IMHO). Maitreya in an excellent mesh body, working well for most people, but it does not do skinny very well at all. I would recommend the Tonic Fine body if "petite" is your goal.
  11. As wonderful as this is... if a parcel has a "landing zone" defined, the double click will be overridden by it.
  12. Thank you for the clarification. It makes sense now.
  13. I have been told by someone who owns bento mesh hands that the bento animations do not work with the standard avi hands. Is this true? If so, why? I thought it was the standard avi bones that moved the mesh hand fingers.
  14. I am a member of SLCS (Second Life Cheerleading Squad) and we're currently using manually typed cheers and pressing Control and Enter to ensure everyone within 100m can see it. Is there any way a gesture can do the same thing? ===== Ah... I hadn't even tried using something like "/1" in a gesture. I'll check it out. Thanks! (snicker)
  15. That's what I usually do, but it would have cost me an extra $500L to buy it on MP. I've got a Vista Animations' Platinum card which grants me 25% off selected in-world purchases - and what I wanted to buy was "selected."
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