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  1. Hi, I am an uncollared girl looking for a Mistress or a Master, or even to be owned by a group or a BDSM sim. I am very, very kinky (look at my profile first before getting into something that is too much for you) and would like to explore my kinks even further. The only limits that I prefer staying unbroken are blood, mutilation and scat. Favourites include (public) humiliation, enslavement, non con, abuse, etc. Oh and I love bondage and RLV toys. As an example, recently I have served as a **bleep** pig (with a fitting piggy snout and ears to go). I think I am a good RPer, I am friendly, can voice verify (but thats probably about it how far i would want to open up my private life) and friendly, so just send me an IM and we could go from there.
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