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  1. i mean I tailored my avi to my own personal desires too. XD I don't know, I just enjoy the idea of people seeing my avatar. I worked hard on it. And as a mesh creator, (although novice), I enjoy seeing other peoples work. I don't really know what I was hoping for when I made this post to be honest. Just kinda tossed it out there.
  2. I have been interested in doing modeling work for SL for awhile, it seems really fun. I really enjoy the idea of getting see and try on other peoples work. Never pursued it as I didn't have a visually appealing avatar for a long time, in terms of current SL body standards. But, personally, I think I've gotten that part down now a days. Of course that is entirely up to whoever is hiring for that sort of thing. I guess let me know if any is interested. I haven't used the SL forums in a long while XD.
  3. Hello! I am a Mesher and I am looking for new clients. I do my best work on scifi/fantasy type projects, weapons and armor. But I can try other things if you'd like. With armor, I do prefer for it to be Static, meaning un-rigged and editable, due to difficulties in learning SL rigging or finding riggers to do it for me. My rates can range from 2000L ($8.00) to 26000L ($104.00) depending on the size, difficulty, and time its takes for me to finish your project. But in most cases I will not go over 16000L ($64.00) unless I really need to. I'll try to add some photos of my past work below. So yeah, if you think I can do some work for you then I would love to hear from you. I can see offline IM's in my email, but you can send notecards aswell. Thank you for your time <3
  4. Hello everyone! I am a 3D modeler who is looking for work. I usually work with Roleplay items such as Swords, firearms, Helmets, and Armor. I can do rigged armor, but my rigging and texture work are done by seperate people. I am wiling to try anything you can think of where I would let you know if I think I am capable enough. My rates are: Swords: 3000L Guns and helmets: 5000L Static Armor: 8000L Rigged armor: 10 to 15 thousand. If you need any work done, just IM me inworld and we can work it out :D I get my offline IM's through email so don't hesitate. <3
  5. Hello, I am the leader of a Faction group in Secondlifes Star Wars Role Play community. The Group is called the Vindicate Order, also known as the Guild. We are a group that trains force sensitives to be what we call "Warrior Jedi". We are a very militant group that aspires to work around the galaxy hunting Criminals and Sith. We are in dire need of some more recruits. Experienced roleplayers are prefered at this point. If interested please either contact me or Levi (littledidyouknow). Thank you for your time.
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