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  1. ok its not my script I bought the game Auto Bindo. Thanks for the help
  2. It does not have llRequestPermissions (owner_UUID, PERMISSION_DEBIT) in the game
  3. yes I have other that requested and they work. I cant add permission on any new games that require permissions
  4. . yews I did, and has not yet returned my asking. I have never had this happen before. it wont work on anything I need to giver permission now
  5. . I cant give permissions to take lindens from my account. I got a game and its needs permission to take lindens from my account but it does not come up to aske me to give permission. I get no error messages and I have rebooted and took game in and put pack out and it still wont ask. the game says first thing I have to do is give permission. I am using firestorm 64 viewer. it use to work fine as I have other games I had to give permissions
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