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  1. I hope I am not asking about something I am not supposed to know. But I would like to make some appliers for some stockings I bought so I can wear them for my TMP deluxe shape. I know how to make appliers for my prim shape but not for my mesh shape. Can anyone enlighten me, or give me a link?
  2. Thanks. I have a degree in computer science and am pretty computer savvy and fairly savvy in SL with 1.5 years here in SL and on all the time and working with stuff. That I couldn't figure this out on my own does not speak well to the design and information available. I hope LL takes note. The system and this part of it in particular should be more user friendly. Either that or it is my fault for being stupid and not reading as carefully. Thanks for the help Rollig.
  3. I am starting a store on MarketPlace and wish to sell a shape. I want to include two versions of the shape and a style card. However, I can only seem to add one shape. How do I include the other shape and the style card? I need specific directions written for an idiot. Sorry.
  4. Well, if you own the house and can modify the walls, all you need to do is to find a pattern you like. If it is not in your inventory, put it in there and in your texture folder. If you find something online you like, upload it by pressing Control + U. It will cost you 10L. Then right click on the wall(s) and select texture tab. Click on texture and chose the pattern from your inventory. Voila. If you can't modify the walls, the easiest thing might be is to make a flat sheet to cover the wall. Then add the texture to the sheet. This will work on a wall with no windows or doors.
  5. I am interested in making clothes in SL using photoshop. I was looking on Amazon and find that there are some interesting versions and a wide range in prices from under $100 to ovr $1000. I graduated from college last semester so don't quality for the student edition, sob. Can I get by with Photoshop Elements, which is a lot cheaper than the fullblown photoshop? I should note I intend on downloading some of the templates to make clothes with to use with Photoshop, such as Amber discusses in this YouTube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cb8wyamRhA So whatever version of Photos
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