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  1. Some people are simply out to stir the pot or simply to hurt others. Some time ago I was chilling out in a club that a friend of mine owned, it was an adult club for furries, but everyone was welcome. It was a pretty relaxed place, made alot of friends there. It was an absolute porn palace to boot! We had one individual who came around and started ranting about how offensive it was to have such erotic imagery hanging around in the open, and argued with me and other people who just told her straight up that if she didn't like it, she could leave. But she kept at it for a good while until finall
  2. I'm in the market for a biker or rocker themed leather jacket to replace my old one, but I have a few requirements that need to be met. 1: It needs to fit Belleza Freya mesh body 2: It needs to be open faced, I use Anthro Anim's "Cuties" mesh breasts and the jacket must reasonably work with these breasts. I do expect some clipping to be an issue, and I'm fine with that. 3: It needs to have mod permission. No mod = no sale. I need to be able to make my own textures to include my jacket patch. *I may consider waiving this requirement if you can apply my patch to the jacket's
  3. You make it sound unreasonable. But no, it's not. I've actually found several jackets that meet my needs of fitting my avatar and of a style that I'm looking for. But every single one of them is no mod. That aggravates me. I'd pay a little extra for a mod perm version, but of the few contact I have made, no one has arsed to respond.
  4. If it were really that simple, I wouldn't be complaining. The jacket has to fit a Belleza Freya body, be open faced to accommodate my avatar's other "enhancements", and fit a perticular rocker or biker look. I've found a number of candidates, but every single one of them was no mod, seemingly to promote the sale of other color combinations. ---- Oh, and after a few minutes of searching I found something that interested me. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tay-Lay-Designs-Wild-Thing-Outfit-28-Mesh/7982100 Then I read the description, and wouldn't you know it. Th
  5. What's really been aggravating me with Second Life is crap being sold on Second Life with a no mod restriction. It angers me so much! I've been looking for a new leather jacket to replace this old one for the last few days now. I've found a few quality potential orders, but everything I have found; even the stuff that doesn't fit my taste, is freaking NO MOD! Why is this a thing? Honestly, I don't care whatever reason anyone could have to justify it. For the most part no mod = no sale as far as I'm concerned. But for this jacket, i need this mesh item to be moddable so I can add my own te
  6. I'm looking for a new mesh body, female, chubby/bbw full figure. Sort of like the uLukie voluptuous model, something along those lines. Must be Omega compatible and SL uv compatible as well, and at least somewhat compatible with mesh breasts. As much as I love the uLukie body I have, the breasts of the model are not compatible with any mesh breasts I own while wearing physics (rigid breasts getting kind of old) and no matter how I tinker with the Alphas or even making my own, I just can't get the body to play nice with physics. With the creator being a little foo full of pride and refusing to
  7. I'm using a uLukie body, "voluptuous". It's a chubby body. But, it can't be standard size at all, because I don't use standard sizing, too generic. I have the happy undead miniskirt, which I used for a while until I got this mesh body and none of it's sizes fit. I don't even need it to be perfect, tbh.
  8. I've decided I'm probably just gonna go with a full mesh body. I found one I like, now I gotta try and find clothing that works with it before I decide to actually buy it.
  9. **Topic changed** After buying a new mesh body I'm on the prowl for miniskirts that'll fit non standard size avatars. specifically I'm looking for a demin miniskirt, light or medium blue.
  10. I'm on the prowl for a denim miniskirt, roguhly about mid-thigh, low cut, that'll fit my avatar and match with my self-made custom vest. http://www.imagebam.com/image/55183a382742005 http://www.imagebam.com/image/9b30a3382741987 Budget about 300L As you can see I'm going for a Biker / Rocker look.
  11. I have an idea for a vest I want to bring to life within the world of Second Life for my avatar. You will be working with a large female anthro character model. If you're interested please contact me within second life and provide me with examples of your work (pictures preferred) and what kind of pay you expect. Be advised, I do not have a big budget.
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