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  1. didn't stop anyone before or VRChat so i mean this shouldn't be a issue
  2. i know there has been a lot of people out there who make tons on stuff and sent it via Marketplace therefore i have a request for you all,,,,,,,i want someone out there to make me a Adelbert Steiner Avatar for Second life i know a lot out there don't know who that is so i provided a photo here as well.
  3. So i played both Fragmentary Passage Play Though's the one in BBS 0.1 and the one in 0.2 and i was wondering were exactly does Sora's story begin in KH2 i know the last battle starts at the end but what about the start of the game were does it begin and in what world can someone explain it to me?
  4. Myst already looks like a second Life game via the photos i seen
  5. did that have Destiny Island on it? cause i think i went to a sim yesterday cause it said it had destiny island on it
  6. i was woundering if anyone would make a Huge epic kingdom Hearts Second Life adventure server that will have space travel and missions and a story and worlds and u can unlock stuff and it be super fun plus places to live at in these worlds, idk if my blog will encourage anyone out there to make something like this but if anyone does get inspired to make this then thank you, i think it's been long overdue. ~ ccwing93
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