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  1. Fashion stores. I'm looking for the sims have have multiple designers with satelite stores on them.
  2. I had this problem when the Credit Card was already registered to my fiancee's account. I cancelled her premium account and that let me register it to my account. Best advice however is to call Linden Labs and see what they say first. Theyre actuallly really nice and helpful on the phone.
  3. Take a copy of them if you can!!! Then re-rez the copy. If there is a fault you can then delete them and try to take a bettter copy.
  4. Osakki

    I cant log on

    You need to give more information that just this. WHat does the viewer say when you try to log on?
  5. I would also add target="_blank" at the end of the link before the closing > This way the link opens ina new tab.
  6. I havent read all the responses so sorry if this was already said but it seems to me that youre looking for a real life relationship/friendship. I wouldnt use SL to meet RL friends because you never know who is behind the Avatar and even if you bond closely, that person could live 1000's of miles away. My Advice: Start speaking to people in the Real World. Saying that, i met my fiancee in Second Life!! ;-)
  7. Thats so weird. It does look like he disabled his account. Maybe he was suspended for breaching Terms & Conditions but in that case his items would still be on the marketplace. Has anyone found out more on this?
  8. In world store is still there but no profile and no items on the marketplace!!! Had Kal rau gone for good?!!
  9. WANTED - Mens fashion content creators We're looking for both mesh and texture fashion content creators to add new items to our main store. We have an established brand with over 2500 group members. If you or if you know anyone who is talented at creating mens fashion items please reply here or contact me in world. We are open to payment negotiations. Items must be of high quality. Needed: Fashion Textures Fashion Mesh builders Osakki Resident
  10. I dont know anywhere but i would like to explore Japanese second life stuff so I will follow this thread.
  11. Hello virtual people! Im looking for the best shopping sims? What are your fav destinations? Not just sims with one store but multiple stores. The ones I'm looking for are like: Le.Look Boystown (shopping) Crush Row (closed years ago) There used to be one on the GOL sim. If anyone wants to go shopping IM me in-world!
  12. Just a quick update. I found that after a few months of living with my SL partner in RL, i found that I was being taken away from SL and that I actually missed being in SL. With and without my new partner. She wanted to move away from SL and I wanted to carry on with it. In the end she won and now i log in one or twice a week for an hour MAX!!!
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