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  1. I've heard that reducing one's inventory reduces lag and the time it takes to rez in. Is that true? Would it help in rezzing in others and sims as well? Does the same hold true for eliminating outfits?
  2. Thanks. I had all the sliders set to zero already, as one responder suggested. I tried it again, including on the eyebrow tab, and I still had a brown hairbase. I also tried the blank hair, as the other responder suggested, and I still had a brown hairbase. That's when I realized it had to be the skin. Duh, but I am rusty with SL. So thanks for both responders.
  3. I have the Girl Next Door Eyebrowshaper from the SL library but it's brown and the forehead line of brown shows under blonde hair. How do I remedy this? My roomie turned hers invisible but she forgot how she did it. If I can't turn it invisible, how do I turn it blonde? I tried going into editing and working the sliders on the color, but nothing works.
  4. What happened to MySecondLife subdomain? If it's gone, why is there still something to click on in SecondLife?
  5. I have recently begun making my own appliers for tops that don't come with appliers for Lolas. (Lola Delicqs, which work the same as Tangos in this regard pretty much.) My problem came when I modified a garment. The garment color in edit is white, to allow the pink texture to be the color. I wanted more of a hot pink so I modified the white to a hot pink color. Only the applier I had made would not, of course, make the garment around the breast area that hot pink. How do I change the texture code in the applicator config (in Edit for the garment) so that I can do this. Here is the texture code
  6. I am just learning scripting, though I have a solid and comprehensive background in programming, especially C++. But here is my problem. I am using a cube to learn the basics of scripting, such as changing the color of the cube when I touch it, recognizing the avatar who touched the cube and greeting them by name, displaying the date, and so on. But often when I change the script I can no longer "touch" the object (get that little hand icon) to trigger the script. But when I create a new cube and copy the script (from the now no-longer-functioning cube) into the new cube's script
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