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  1. @Madelaine McMasters Thanks for reply, I expected that. Danieru, if you are sure Aphrenity is "damn right", why did you immediately contradict his claim that all women are the same? Because part of what he said is true, (**bleep** like this happen in RL too, not in SL) but his so angry (and you can see that in his posts) about what happen that he don't see the truth. I don't know if you understand me, but in RL (just like in SL) there are men/women who act like he said, but there are not all the same. That's what I'm trying to say in my post. I contradict him because I'm not an **bleep** to not see that some women are so.. awesome and not all are bit****. Without knowing any of the women here, you've accused us of enjoying Aphenity's whining. Lol, I was jking, but again if you don't know a person, you can't see the sarcasm or funny stuff from writing. But if you look through the responses, I think you'll find a fair amount of cold, hard logic, intended to help Aphrenity see that not all women are as he describes, and that his attitude may a factor in all of this. And that's part of the problem. It appears Aphrenity can't break free of the emotion that's clouding his judgment. Anger can't think. .. and that's why I didn't read all the post on this topic because you can see from the first page how things will go. You can't explain to someone if you don't show a little support, even if his/her wrong. Aphrenity has been abusive in his responses to many in this thread, which you'd have seen had you read more of his posts. If you really feel that's worthy of a "brofist", be prepared for tarring with your own brush. That's why I didn't read, it was obvious at his first post. Again, I will say this : What he say (some part) is true [and even a lady say that is true], but because he is angry he start to talk BS. He deserve that *brofist* for "true part" NOT everything. [My body is ready because I should explain more good {Someone people will get offended}] I can understand if you've shared Aphrenity's frustration over failed relationships. I've had failed relationships as well, but I accept my culpability in each of them. I don't go around accusing people I've never met of behavior I've never witnessed. And I certainly don't say things that are obviously untrue, as that just invites responses from people like me, who are quick to spot hyperbole and self contradiction. Nope, I don't shared the same thing as him, but I had met this type of woman so was ... "good" to tell him that he is right (at some point). In the last sentence of your post, you give advice that's similar to that given by others in this thread, many of them women. You asked Aphrenity to calm down just as others have. And that would be asking him to change, as he appears to be carrying a large chip on his shoulder. So, is he to change or not? If he doesn't change, why should he expect better outcomes? I advice him to be like before: "the good guy" and not transform into a idiot guy. PS: If again you don't understand what I mean just say. PS2: Not everything a man or a woman say is 100% true or false and you guys should know that. That's what he did in that first post.
  2. I didn't read all 13 pages, but I read your post and I will say only this: You are damn right *brofist*, but remember, that none all the same. Just like in RL. For me SL is just a game, but we are real people. You will be happy, mad, sad etc in this game, because you are a real person (even if just a game). That's happen in EVERY GAME. Ofc you will act like that since you are a damn real person! The ladiess who post on first page saying: you say is just a game but you whiny a lot... you ladies enjoy this a lot, really. I know he blame ALL WOMEN, but why you act like this (if you are not like that type of woman)? He have feelings too even if he don't say that it's true. Just let him say what he want to say so he can start over again. Man, really, don't let someone to change you. It's not worth it, beside, it's not like you will get married in RL with that person from SL. Just, take it easy, i know is hard, i met that type of woman, but it's not worthy. Don't make women happy by changing you. PS: Someday, you will find that girl/woman that you want, just be calm. + few women have the same issue like you did and they wait for their right dude and they are not like that type of woman. Trust me, the waiting will be so awesome.
  3. Hello. Like everyone else, I'm looking for a family. I don't need to be perfect, but I want to be loyal. I'm new here (11 days). I'm not that noob to not know anything here.
  4. Hey all! I'm new in this game and I wanted to find a new friends and to know more about this game. Thanks and see you in-game!
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