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  1. That first day, I was in shock. I cried and avoided going on voice. Around the time of the breakup, I had also found a new family on my child avi. So it was a hard struggle to see if they were a good fit or not with me being so down. I would have left Second Life if it wasn't for the family I found. Like the people above, I have no friends in real life. I stay and take care of my mom and do my college courses online. The friends I thought I had in SL were busy, I didn't want to pull their attention to my problem, I would rather suffer on my own and let everyone do their own thing. Anyways, I stoped being on SL so often. To this day, I don't stay on like I used to. I tend to be on only if I know i have something to do. Even then there are times where it is still just too much for me to handle and sit through. To sum up advice for this kind of thing, just do what you enjoy doing and things will get better, or at least that is what I have to tell myself. We have been broken up for 8 months and I still have times where I wish we would get back together. But this kind of thing, find something to do you enjoy. Throw yourself into something new. Learn to do a skill. Mesh requires a lot of focus and fine details so it would be a perfect example.
  2. Hi there! So, I have been in Second Life since 2010. I know how to keep things organized and when I make a mistake, I do my best to correct it. I am good at advising people, keeping track of things, organizing, setting things up, as well as multi-tasking and being a bouncer. The previous jobs I have had in Second Life include: School staff Doctor/Councilor (in a RP) Security Blogger Dancer ~~ So please if you would like to talk to me about hiring me for something, send me a message inworld. My name is melanieadore Resident and would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance!
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