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  1. Thank you, Whirly Fizzle! I'm sorry you had to post that again! I missed that last part about installing and uninstalling f.lux. It has worked for me! I will miss having something like True Colors or f.lux, but it's not the end of the world!
  2. I got a brand new MSI GE62 Apache Pro yesterday, and and the same thing is happening when I exit the Firestorm viewer (the most recent version) freshly downloaded. I can't even take a screenshot of it because when I do, it comes out as the correct colors! I tried uninstalling MSI True Colors, and it did not work. I also coudn not find f.lux on my computer. I do have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M and an Intel graphics card, so I had to fix settings so that it would force using the Nvidia for Firestorm. I am wondering if when it exit it has a problem going back to the integrated card? Sparkle, what drivers did you update? Maybe that is part of my problem? For now, I can exit by using Task Manager/End Task without the problem occuring, but that can't be good to shut down a program like that. I already discovered "dump" files on my hard drive from a few times when I have done that. Are there any other suggestions? Thanks!
  3. I had the same problem with firestorm. But I just relogged and then I was no longer in the groups I had tried to remove myself from!
  4. I was going to do my first big RL blog post on a hunt, posting pictures of me in my hunt finds at every stop. But then I wondered if I would be breaking any Intellectual Property laws or if it was just not a good practice to expose what was found at every stop of a hunt. Any insight on the topic would be much appreciated!
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