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  1. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in SL who see "roleplay" and see only "sexplay". Despite a diminishing in RP overall in SL, there are still a lot of us left who are looking for literary, interesting roleplay ( which sometimes contains adult activity ). I'll message you in world, as I am always happy to meet people who want to seriously Roleplay :-)
  2. I'm on a lot during the daytime and have been RPing in Sl for a long time. IM me if you'd like to chat.
  3. I agree that with the RP sims having a slow period, it makes sense to find RP with good, individual players. What are your online times ? I am usually on during the day, SL (US Pacific Time)
  4. How much time per week did you want to spend on this? Reading your post, this sounds very interesting - but it's not something I could do every day right now because of my job. Also, what time-of day?
  5. Ok, here is an out-of-left-field thought. RL males playing SL females (well) are ideal matches for RL males looking for SL females to have adult fun with. Just keep RL info out of it. -Very likely, both the "Female" and the male are looking for the same thing -Since both are RL males, they are visually stimulated and have a high probability of not wanting the relationship to stretch into RL -The "female" has moods and responses that will be uncomplicated by male standards so therefore misunderstandings are probably less and the whole Mars-Venus thing is avoided. This also gives a break to RL females who come to SL and get annoyed at being treated like sex objects in sometimes very crude terms. Of course, what messes that all up is a certain negative reaction from many SL males when they discover their playmate and fantasy companion is in RL also a guy. The human condition seems to always seek out that -one- fly in the ointment :-) Personally, I have no problems with people in SL presenting as what pleases them the most - but if someone were inclined to use SL as a dating service for RL, I can see where they would have issues .....
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