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  1. Thank you so much for responding!! In their viewer they cannot see it either, would this also be caused by their browser choice?
  2. A couple of my friends are unable to see any posts of mine on my Web profile. I tried unfriending them and adding them again, with the same results. I checked all settings for privacy on there too. Everything is set to "everyone". Is there something that I am not thinking of?
  3. Those are all super pretty pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing ❤️
  4. I recently was able to get myself a Traditional house. I am loving the Winchester version. I have decorated mine with all sorts of neat things. Recently, someone told me that there are creators out there who make add ons for both the Boat and Traditional houses. I bought the one that splits the upstairs so it has a bedroom, closet and bathroom. What I was wanting to know is which ones you all have gotten for your homes. I am always curious and love seeing what others come up with ❤️
  5. Dang, 11 years.... I am such a newb at only 5 years. I saw the new development just up the road from me. it is definitely going to be enough homes for everyone. My friend told me a couple minutes ago, she got to snag herself a retro camper.
  6. Thank you for telling me this. 😮 I am new to having a house ... 5 years in SL and I decided to get premium and I realize I can get a home ❤️
  7. woah there.... attachments..... good lordy. I just got this house, and LL is making me say "shut up and take my money" hahahah
  8. My house is almost in that top picture 😮 i can see a clip of it hahahaha
  9. I saw you walking on the street by my house just a minute ago. Please don't be alarmed by my awfully placed Halloween decor... or the amount of decor there is
  10. I am excited that I got myself a traditional house!!! Thank you for the suggestion of the auto refresh tool. I didn't get a chance to download it. I refreshed on my own one last time before I decided to get it, and BOOM, a traditional on Parlouf showed up. I don't think my brain was ever that fast
  11. It appears I missed another round of houses. Campers to be more specific. I hope that I will eventually get one ❤️ I'll be waiting on the notice
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