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  1. Just bought some clothing then loged into SL and transfered the items into inventory, I then opened my inventory and dragged the new items (boxed) into the clothing folder - seems logical to me; although there's also a folder called My Outfits which is clothing, not much sense there then... Anyway, the thing is this. How do I actually put the new items on my AV? I couldn't find a way, also do I have to remove what I'm already wearing first? Another issue was, I couldn't open the box that the items were delivered in because my parcel is already full. Why is the inventory system so convoluted - driving me bonkers!
  2. I think you understand exactly where I am comming from unless you are stupid. You're certainly sarchastic... The facts are this! The LH is not free b.c you have signed up for premium membership, yet you can't do anything with the 512sqm tier other than keep and use the home. Bye, bye.
  3. And if I buy 512sqm elsewhere, do I then keep the original parcel if I abandon the LH?
  4. Right, I see - thanks I thought the 117 prims was taken up by the new Linden Home, so then I was thinking that if I abandoned it I still wouldn't be able to build on it. I suppose I wouldn't have any commercial rights though?
  5. If I choose to abandon my Linden Home and so end up with a 512sqm tier that contains nothing, how do I gain? Can I rez prims on it?
  6. Great, or if I had two 512sqm in different areas then the same would apply as well - and the first 512sqm is free of monthly charges whether or not there's a home on it, but the second 512 is not? Think I've got it.
  7. Thanks again. I keep forgetting that tier and land is not one and the same thing. So with the first 512sqm 'free' tier that I acquired by upgrading to premium, I can either keep the LH but then have no useable tier left for anything else, or I can abandon the LH and then use it towards other land that I own - I think I get it... But if you buy additional land doesn't that come with it's own tier, or am I missing something.
  8. It seems I got my wires a bit crossed... The funny party was not in or anywhere near even my LH but somewhere completely different. I'll explain. I thought that clicking on the 'home symbol or icon' and then selecting teleport took you to your new LH (if you had one) - I didn't realize that in fact this takes you to the area in SL that's ben assigned as your home area, which is where the party was. On the parcel privacy bit, I'm glad you told me that there could be AVs walking around me but I wouldn't know. This explains why my AV was shifting slightly sideways the other day even though I wasn't pressing any key when I visited that place called Afterlife.
  9. I see, but let me guess. I suppose that doesn't include the 'free' 512sqm that I paid for when upgrading to premium?
  10. So, you mean I could add the free 512 sqm to other land that I buy where I have more rights? Sounds good as I might just do that because just now I TPd to my new LH for the first time and frankly I'm not too sure where they put it because my AV ended up in the middle of an impromptu party of some sort and one AV in particular I found very offensive without ging into details, so I logged out and then tried again, but same party going on - this went on adinfinitum so I logged out again with a view to going back in a few hours time to see if things have calmed down a bit
  11. I must admit I have issues with this if this is the case, because if I don't go for the home then what can I do with the land? It seems nothing!
  12. Right, so the Buying or selling of land is prohibited clause only applies to the Linden Home and the land that it's on, not buying and selling land generally - I'm ok with that, however, if I was to abandon the home in the future and so just have the 512 sqm plot or tier, then what? What could I do with it? Isn't it the case (or so I've read...), that either I can have a LH on it but then not be able to sell it, or if I don't have a LH on it then I can sell it. If the answer to that is also 'no', then I don't see the point seeing as I've paid for a premiun account. On commercial activity, I can't sell anything in it directly from the estate but I could sell items through the market place. Seems fair to me, so I'm ok with that. I'm glad the last point is just legal wrangling, although tbh I hope I do end up with the one I selected...
  13. Couldn't find a forum ideal for this so I put it here... Was just going through the home selection process and was presented with this info that raised a few alarm bells so I didn't go ahead with it. 5) Buying or selling of land is prohibited. Is this just where the linden home is concerned or generally? I hope it's just where the home is concerned, although tbh I don't see where 'buying' comes into it seeing as I would already have it. 8) No commerce activity. What exactly does that mean officially? For instance, could I put my own pictures on the walls? * The Linden Home is subject to change. This is telling me that I may not end up with the one/style that I selected, in which case, what is the point of having an option in the first place? That's basically it...
  14. Ok, well thanks once again for a very thorough run-down of advertising in SL, this has answered a lot of questions. Incidentally, I last went to a rendering of Munich and other places and here are a few pics that shows RL concerns being advertised as such.
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