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  1. Always looking for people and friends to help share a universe with as well let alone partnerships 😛 and for yourself and those who haven't gotten a chance to visit some of these awesome SWRP sims I will list some of the ones I frequent the most. [https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wasteland/157/113/3657?title=SW Universe - Taris - 275ABY https://discord.gg/SvyWkHv&msg=SWRP, Sci-Fi, Jedi, Roleplay, Mandalorian, Coruscant, Taris /*Sky: "Midnight" /*Sky@0-400m:"[NB] P-Haze 1900" /*Sky: "/*@998m-1335m "Midnight" /*Sky@1335-1430m:"Annan Adored Dusty"/*Sky@1666-1700m:"Midday"RegionOverride*/ Taris] (Main hub of current SWRP, Taris sector gives you access to places like the Undercity, Upper city, Jedi Temple, Sith training grounds etc)
  2. Looking for a RP partner for a Medium-Long term Star Wars story revolving around training and relationships. I would prefer a Sith mentor but I am open to discussing light side users as well. I am a Para RP-er but have no problem with shorter posts. This is my first time playing within Star Wars Canon and have no problem learning from a more experienced player. I am open to Male/Female/Alien partner etc. If you have any interest in getting wrapped up in a galaxy far far away with me, feel free to drop me a line at, Lilah.Evermore
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