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  1. I have been going through TOS AND GUIDELINES for community, to report something that I am very worried about. There is no abuse done to me but it can be done to others just because this group can be dangerous in my belief. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sarcasm/14/15/1201 I don't know who to bring this matter to, the report abuse on firestorm demands the name of the owner .which I can not tell where to find it. It stops me if I don't have a product item. I have disabilities of understanding things the wrong way ...so TOS is overwhelming me. I just want to protect people from harm, to hypnotize a mind ..can create so many problems ...I have rping sister that still having a hard time removing triggers. I can take a snap picture, if you like but it is nudity ...so not sure if can or can not. Maybe I am making a big thing out of nothing, but I rather be sure the safety of people on sl. forgot to click notify me when answered
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