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    Mort Halt at 4:20 PM this happened on the 07/02/20 as for the time this was around 8-9 slt i think it was weird [3:42 PM] i was in a certain beach [3:42 PM] and suddenly got kicked out with a random page bu something saying i crashed or something [3:43 PM] i got a bad feeling so i changed my password and save it in my browser [3:43 PM] when i tried to get online it didnt worked Sent from Mail for Windows 10 Hello Mort Halt, Thank you for your reply. Since the information you have provided does not match the details on this account, we will unfortunately be unable to assist you further or provide you with any information regarding the account. We hope you understand that we verify this information to keep the accounts of our customers secure. If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know. Best Regards, Sparky Linden Account Security Linden Lab I am talking to Mort to calm him down but I am worried for my account being hacked also. This can happen to anyone, your Sparky did not believe him either ..you have IP ADDRESSES THAT before that date will be different after this date. Please help my friend and me.
  2. I have been going through TOS AND GUIDELINES for community, to report something that I am very worried about. There is no abuse done to me but it can be done to others just because this group can be dangerous in my belief. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sarcasm/14/15/1201 I don't know who to bring this matter to, the report abuse on firestorm demands the name of the owner .which I can not tell where to find it. It stops me if I don't have a product item. I have disabilities of understanding things the wrong way ...so TOS is overwhelming me. I just want to protect people from harm, to hypnotize a mind ..can create so many problems ...I have rping sister that still having a hard time removing triggers. I can take a snap picture, if you like but it is nudity ...so not sure if can or can not. Maybe I am making a big thing out of nothing, but I rather be sure the safety of people on sl. forgot to click notify me when answered
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