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  1. Thankyou Amethyst! those are really great tips
  2. Well I do prefer basic Avatars to Mesh, and im sure there are plenty more residents who do prefer it also.. you just need to really know how to shape them and pick the right skin for it.. Thank you for your advices ♥
  3. Hello I recently have found that I got a natural talent for creating shapes (always gets lots and lots of greetings for it) and Id like to try and sell them on marketplace but i have no idea on where and how to start, I just know how to create beautiful shapes. Here and some doubts I have but certainly Ill have dozens more. I have the shape, now what? yes i ignore everything else. I guess somehow I have to export the shape file or maybe box it, im not really sure. Is there a easy step by step guide or could someone take the time to help me? Id really appreciate it.
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